Creativity Workshop by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

So sitting around figuring out how to make the small company that I started more productive and interactive. Then out of the blue an idea popped into my head that said, why not have creative workshops for kids and teens, and people that want to learn creative things but need a creative push. Hence, tadah, the creative workshop. So okay whats the next step. Well in order to have a creative workshop you need creative people that are skilled to help the unskilled and the semi skilled become skilled (By the way I still consider myself unskilled, but I’m getting better). So on my quest to find the skilled I reached out to the local staff in charge of creative arts in my area and was meant with a resounding No. Or why, why, why, what, who and how? Okay, I get it. How can you do a creative arts workshop and not be an expert. Because I can, and will. Other creative artists will help me. Hence the main goal is to get kids and teens being creative and thinking creatively. That’s not a very difficult feat. So let’s just see how things turn out. Even if only 1 kid shows up to the workshop, it was a success. Nothing great was built over night. It takes years and years, and more years. But this is our start. Winjoy.

Animatronics & Movie Stage EFX

Animatronics & Movie Stage EFX

So since I was a kid I was fascinated by movies such as Robocop, Thriller, and ET. I didn’t realize until I get older that other people had created this things and they were controlled by a process called Animatronics. … Continue reading

Iamsu Only that Real feat Sage the Gemini 2 Chainz


So on the internet search as I usually do then found this video. I like the use of animation in the video and the perfect use of timing. Pretty well done. The song is very mellow as well but also has a lot of energy. The music (to me) makes you relax and you can be playing video games or just sitting back during a party relaxing with friends and family. I aspire to create these types of videos with the future artists that will be coming out of James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company. Enjoy.



I was on the page to the link to the video and saw this dance done by a fan and decided to add it. Enjoy. So that’s what kids these days do when they ask for a pass to the bathroom. LOL.

Nae Nae New Hot Dance by We are Toonz


So preparing for a dj gig and going thru my clients playlist and found this song. Thought it was pretty hot. Then youtubed it. Everyone is going crazy over this song. So posted it. As it deals mostly with spontaneous creativity.  You stand in the middle then dance, well its better if you watch the video. Plus there’s tons of tutorials online. Another key theme is to engage the audience while you dance. That’s it. James Creative arts & entertainment out.

Penguin Dance Hot in Saudi Arabia

There is a dance that’s pretty hot in Saudi Arabia right now. It’s called the penguin dance. There are videos on youtube that show how its done and what not. But you stand centered both feet together, then you step to your side with your right foot, then again, then bring the right foot back to center, then out with your left foot, out left again, then both feet together centered, a small jump forward, then back, then 3 hops forward. Thats it. Then throw in your own style in there as well.

Creativity and Exercise by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

Creativity and Exercise by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

Creative Ideas are with you always. So I went for a walk today to get rid of some frustration that I was feeling regarding things occurring that are out of hands. I decided that I was going to climb this … Continue reading

Created Another Logo for a Local Business in Moreno Valley, Ca.

James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company created another logo/header for a local business here in Moreno Valley, Ca called Hudena James Inc. The first logo was kind of not want the owner wanted. After a few tweeks to the page you could clearly understand what the business stood for and was capable of doing for you. The business happens to be a paralegal business that helps people with forms needed for various situations that may arise. As a Creative Arts Company it was good getting to venture into a different field other than something that is more easily recognized as dealing with creativity such as drawing, art, or music, or anything along those lines. Here is a link to the picture posted on instagram James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company One thing that I realized while playing on the project is that not much is done without failure first happening first. But as you stumble and keep on going you get better and better. So once again thanks for stopping by, James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company, have a wonderful day.

Creating a Logo for Advertising by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

So James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company finally figured out how to create a logo for advertising. A lot of what you’ll see here should have been created in 2011 when we first started this journey.  But it wasn’t. No … Continue reading