Creating a Logo for Advertising by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

So James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company finally figured out how to create a logo for advertising. A lot of what you’ll see here should have been created in 2011 when we first started this journey.  But it wasn’t. No need to cry over spilt milk, right? Well either way here we go. After working as a clown, and entertainer since 2001, a concept came to me. Why not create a creative arts company with all the knowledge that you’ve gained over the years. It can’t hurt you. Then self doubt jumped in. Oh no you can’t do that who do you think you are. Then I was reminded, nothing great starts out overnight. Even Facebook owner Mark Zuckerburg spent hours and days and weeks coding. He was able to do all that because of all the free time he had. So what I’ve decided is to establish a Creative Arts company. We are starting off working with Clowns/Entertainers, DJ’s, Advertising, Video Games, and Film/Theatre. Only time will tell as we make this journey. It should be a fun one. I will post once per week on the blog regarding the industry or the business experience as it relates to the Creative Arts. Sometimes I may post more. If you read a post and it speaks to you or you can relate then give feedback. Thanks.

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