Animatronics & Movie Stage EFX

So since I was a kid I was fascinated by movies such as Robocop, Thriller, and ET. I didn’t realize until I get older that other people had created this things and they were controlled by a process called Animatronics. The design process is pretty awesome. But I have no clue as to how to begin or what goes where. But what I’ve learned is that in this age of information anything and everything is out there. but you have to discipline yourself to get there. So a website that I found some really cool images in regards to design and special EFX is

Here are some of the images that inspire me:


Pretty cool indeed. Man I cant wait to come up with some creative ideas of my own and incorporate them into short films and plays. So in the meantime I was watching a video regarding getting into animatronics here.

Enjoy. Until next time folks. As Bob Dylan said The loser now, will be later to win.

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