Silly Sharkeisha Gets Lost in the Valley of Hope “Short Film”


Silly Sharkeisha Gets Lost in the valley of Hope
Silly Sharkeisha Gets Lost in the valley of Hope


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So finally made the second short Film called, “Silly Sharkeisha Gets Lost in the Valley of Hope” is a short film about a girl named “Sharkeisha who is on a trip traveling through the land of Hope to find the pot of gold. But they run into mean people. LOL. The basic underlying premise is open to interpretation as there are many. Here is the cast: Sharkeisha Tina Renee Tina played Sharkeisha for the fill and did a wonderful job. She was very funny and just as silly as the role requested. She is very easy to work with and follows thru with what she says. I was late to filming and she and everyone were really understanding. Tina played an excellent Silly Sharkeisha looking forward to working with her again in the future. Here’s a link to Tina’s backstage page and her bio.

Tina Renee, an Arkansas native moved to California at the age of 13. Her parents immediately took note of her one and only dream of becoming an actress and immediately placed her in various acting workshops and classes. Tina has stared and co-starred in three independent films and has hosted several radio and web programming segments. Tina’s advise to anyone following their wildest dreams is this: When life hands you lemons, make some of the best chocolate milk anyone has ever tasted then leave the onlookers puzzled wondering how you did it *wink*

God Bless

Tina Renee…The Doll 

“What’s a dream if you can’t
make that dream come true”
Silly Sharkeisha gets lost in the valley of hope
Silly Sharkeisha gets lost in the valley of hope

Amber      Tiffany Kieu Tiffany played Amber. Amber was the guiding force that was supposed to help Sharkeisha along the way because she just happens to get lost at different times. Tiffany was very modest and played her role effortlessly. I look forward to working with Tiffany in the future as she was very humble and a pleasure to work with. Until her bio posts her is a link to her backstage page. Bio Tiffany Kieu is a 24 year old Vietnamese American originally from Irvine, Ca. She self-prescribed Drama class in 7th grade to overcome her fear of public speaking, and not only that, but also discovered her passion for acting. This passion sat latent in the following years as she turned her focus to getting her bachelor’s in Biology from UC Irvine. Upon graduating in 2011, Tiffany reconnected with her love for acting and fully committed to pursuing her dreams. She packed up and moved to Silverlake, emerging herself in all that LA and acting the world had to offer. She began studying the craft with Eric Morris (from whom she continues to learn) Scott Sedita, Jack Stehlin and Alfred Molina, while actively auditioning and filming as often as possible. Her latest achievement was playing the lead role in the indie psychological horror film, “The Purgation”. When she isn’t acting, Tiffany explores modeling and helps behind the camera as a production team member.

Sharkeisha gets lost in the valley of hope
Sharkeisha gets lost in the valley of hope

Wiccard the Wallow/Franswa the Dreamer           Waleed Hussain                   Waleed was very energetic and jumped right into his role of being Wiccard the Wallow and Franswa the dreamer. Waleed has a lot of energy and is very quick on his fight. As most of the dialogue was improvised and he flowed from scene to scene. I really look forward to working with Waleed in the future as well. Here’s a link to his backstage page and his bio.

Silly sharkeisha gets lost in the valley of hope
Silly sharkeisha gets lost in the valley of hope

Bio Waleed Hussain is an up-and-coming actor and comedian. He’s performed for TV show pilots and short films. As a comedian, he goes to many of the open-mics in the LA area and has performed in an improv comedy show locally. He looks forward to becoming the next big thing and working opposite big names.



Yummy The Eater            Prince Tez/Dontez Sharpley                  Dontez has a very warming smile and friendly personality. He makes you feel as if you’ve known him for years. He is very approachable and manageable. Some of the lines that Dontez came up with during the filming were really funny. The costume design covered up Dontez’s face for most all of the shoots but he still was motivated to finish the film which I take my hat off to him for. He is a great all around guy and I look forward to working with him in the future. Here’s a link to his bio and backstage page.

Bio Dontez Sharpley

age 23
Inspired actor
Los Angeles
Sharkeisha gets lost in the valley of hope
Sharkeisha gets lost in the valley of hope

Here is a link to the trailer and film to download Winjoy.

Creativity Again by James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company

So reading online about creativity at Wikipedia. Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is created (such as an idea, a joke, an artistic or literary work, a painting or musical composition, a solution, an invention etc.). (Wikipedia) Which makes me think. If creativity resides in all of us how come only some of us bring it out. Why do we keep it hidden? What stops us from expressing it? I think its fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of what or where the creativity may take us. Instead of saying “No” to the fear. I think its time we said “Yes” to the fear, what happens if your successful, yes, what happens if we fail, yes, what happens if we don’t make it, yes, what happens I if they don’t like it, yes, yes, yes, and more yes, and see where you end up. Yes to success. Until next time, James Creative Arts and Entertainment out.

Animatronics Dancing Doll

As you all know in the process of building out the designs in my head to one day have at a theme or amusement park. But in the mean time in between time I like to look at animatronics and get ideas and what not. Also found this video out of japan.

And last but not least a video of a robot Restaurant in Japan. Aspire to create shows like this. this would be so fun to pull off. Man. It would be so fun. In time everything as they say right. LOL. You can really feel the energy and vibe of the place as well.

Set Design on a Budget by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

So I was online checking out set design because I am creating backgrounds and set ideas in my head for the short films that the company has decided to produce. I found this awesome website with links and ideas of how to create a set on a budget. It was a very informative site. If your building sets or just starting out it guides you in the right direction. Well have fun. Enjoy the process, and never stop creating. James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company out.

Importance of Honing your skills by James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company

So I was sitting around listening to Will Smith talk about your craft and honing your skills and thought to myself its so true. If you don’t practice and practice and practice you cant express your art and talent in the way you would like. No worries. That’s about it. This is a reminder to keep going no matter what and to keep practicing no matter how incremental the change. Until next time, James Creative Arts and Entertainment reminds you to keep honing your skills.

Auditions for Trois Like it Hot and Office Cukkeltics-The Game by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

Audition Location for James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company

So the link above provides the location of auditions for upcoming Short films that I finally completed and thought out the characters too. I hope there really successful. But one can only HOPe. I hope I find the right people. I hope the audience likes the story. I hope these make it to the festivals. I hope all goes well. In spite of all this hope life can be what it will. But that’s not gonna stop me from continuing to create and build the creative arts company. I also registered for an account on vimeo on demand. Whether we get one download or 150000 downloads creating films is what we do as well. So look for some pretty good short films coming soon, in the meantime bare with me as I build all of this one brick at a time, layer, by layer, like Will Smith said. Have a great day. James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company Out.

Power of Persistence: The Chinese Bamboo Tree

chinese bamboo tree
chinese bamboo tree

So started off the morning listening to Les Brown and other motivational speakers like I normally do. Heard Les Brown talk about the Chinese Bamboo tree and how it takes 5 years of watering before he grows out of the ground. 5 years? Yes 5 years. Crazy, how dumb you look watering a ground with nothing or nobody there. But that also shows the power and persistence of patience and how you can achieve and do anything. When people doubt you, or you doubt yourself in spite of remember the chinese bamboo tree who takes five years to sprout. I guess this also says alot about our culture in general if that tree was sold at tree shops and that was one of the exclusive products the shop would probably be out of business pretty fast. So once again remember the chinese bamboo tree when you feel like giving up or giving in.

Charles James “Beyond Fashion” Exhibition at The Met

Beautiful. It looks like a butterfly. This belongs in the hunger games.

A Stairway To Fashion Charles James 1906-1978

Charles James ( 1906 – 1978 ), British born designer, is known as “America’s First Couturier”. The Met is dedicating an exhibition to his great talent and fashion sense – Charles James : Beyond Fashion – open to public the 8 of May. Splendid vintage gowns of the designer will be on display, tribute to his highly structured aesthetic and the mastery of cutting. The visitors will be able to enjoy an exhibition of elegant dresses of an exquisite execution and a complex fashion design. Unfortunately, back in time, Charles James died in complete solitude and penniless due to business fall outs. Don’t miss it, it’s a parade of flawless vintage couture!

Fashion specialists and fashion students never forgot James, but for the general public he is not known. There is no brand, no global presence, so what we can do is reintroduce people…

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