Motivational Video on Fear

Enjoy this short film about success, and fear, and the things that hold us back and slow us down. Well I hope this inspires someone, as much as it has inspired me. Thanks to all involved in the creation of this video. Goodnight for now. James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company out.

Secrets of the Creative Mind by Nancy Andreasen

This is a very good article about the inner workings of the Creative Mind of human beings. It tells lots of stories. It looks like its a special one hour special that’s going to be on PBS news. So, dont be a shyah, check it out.

Click here for article

Twelve directors and the movies that made them

Twelve directors and the movies that made them

Here is a link to a great article written by the L.A. Times about movie directors that launched their careers from certain films.

What do we know as Truth?

This is a post from rsd motivation. It talks about truth and how we see the truth and what we believe about the truth. A lot of people don’t achieve and accomplish goals because there waiting for someone to give them permission as to what’s okay and what’s not okay for them. So unless you set your own beliefs and definitions, you could end up any where. It’s a really good inspiring video. Enjoy, James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company out.

If art is to no…

If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.
~ John F. Kennedy


Just reading about some of may he RIP, John F. Kennedy, then really liked this quote to motivate others.

Will Smith Keys to Life Running and Reading

Good Morning. Good Morning. Goooooodddd Morning. So woke up this day and decided to listen and play this video from Will Smith talking about staying motivated and running and how when we run we silence the inner critic that says it cant be done. Because each step we take is a yes, that it can be done, whatever that goal may be. Well enjoy. Jamaal for James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company out.

One Balloon Teddy Bear by Balloon Animals

So online researching like I do and did. LOL. Came across this video about making one balloon animal bears. So sit back relax and enjoy. This looks easy but it actually takes hours and hours of practice to make sense or show the results that you want.

James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company New Releases, “The Messenger, Office Cukkeltics, Despacio, soon.

Hello All. Look out for these short films coming to a mobile, tv, or computer screen near you. Just reminding all to be patient as we iron out some kinks and get things going again. Hope all is well. “The Messenger” coming soon, is about a guy that makes messages happen and the choices people make and things that happen after we make our choices for good or for bad. “Office Cukkeltics” is about work place issues of harrassment, discrimination, racism and sexism and how we deal with it all and the choices that we all make on our jobs. “Despacio is about the times when we should slow down to see what we are doing and breath and see how our actions are having a effect on those around us. Nothing less, nothing more, until then, gonna keep watching these animatronics videos, and writing these future sci-fi scripts. Thanks again. Jamaal R. James.