Trois Like it Hot “Short Film” by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

Trois Like it Hot
Trois Like it Hot

Thank You all for being patient with me while I build this creative arts company. So here we go. Trois like it Hot. This was a short film that was originally called the College stalker, or well that’s what the script was written for. It was supposed to be about these three slick females that were committing murders and getting away with it and leaving Detectives dumb founded. But it went from a short film to a full fledged full production movie. So I was Happy that I was able to condense this some what into a small production enough to include all the elements that needed to be included. Everyone did an Awesome job on the project and I was Happy that things went well.

So here we go.

Some here’s a list of the Actors and bio’s a many thanks to all involved as well. Here’s a link to the site.

Maxi Witrak as Raven

Trois Like it Hot Maxi Witrak
Trois Like it Hot Maxi Witrak

Maxi has a natural intensity which shows in her smile and general appearance. It was a pleasure working with Maxi, as the script was improvised and she led the group in dialogue and coming up with scenarios in each scene. I look forward to working with Maxi in the future. For this production her name was Raven. Raven was the leader of the disgruntled girls who were fed up with men’s BS.

Here is Maxi’s Bio:

Willing to overstep the boundaries of vanity in favor of the ugliness of truth and comedy. You’ll find a versatile, confident actress who won’t hesitate to try something new!

Victoria Marcello as Cassandra

Trois like it hot victoria marcello
Trois like it hot victoria marcello

Victoria has a very calming energy and was a pleasure to work with as well. She is very hungry for her craft and wants more out of life and pushes herself to understand the concepts being conveyed to her. You’ll be seeing her again soon. Shhhhhhh. In the next short film, Ooops, almost gave it away. Come back soon for more. Here is Victoria’s Bio.


Victoria started out like most of us: As a baby. As she grew up, she realized performing was the thing and dedicated herself to a four-year program resulting in her B.A. in Acting (& Philosophy for fun). She has been privileged to perform with many talented improvisers, gracing the theatres of Comedy Sportz in Los Angeles and The Groundlings School. She continues to do improv once a month at the Hermosa Beach Playhouse with the troupe April’s Fools. Her ultimate goal is to land a great character role on TV, and is pursuing that goal by writing and filming her own independent comedy projects. Check out Victoria Angela Marcello’s YouTube page for more short films very soon!

Tiffany Kieu as Jaden

Trois Like it Hot Tiffany Kieu
Trois Like it Hot Tiffany Kieu

You probably recognize Tiffany from other productions. Yes she was in Silly Sharkeisha Gets Lost In the Valley of Hope as well. Yes, Tiffany was fun to work with and very ambitious. Check out the movie and see for yourself.

Tiffany’s Bio:

Tiffany Kieu is a 24 year old Vietnamese American originally from Irvine, Ca. She self-prescribed Drama class in 7th grade to overcome her fear of public speaking, and not only that, but also discovered her passion for acting. This passion sat latent in the following years as she turned her focus to getting her bachelor’s in Biology from UC Irvine. Upon graduating in 2011, Tiffany reconnected with her love for acting and fully committed to pursuing her dreams. She packed up and moved to Silverlake, emerging herself in all that LA and acting the world had to offer. She began studying the craft with Eric Morris (from whom she continues to learn) Scott Sedita, Jack Stehlin and Alfred Molina, while actively auditioning and filming as often as possible. Her latest achievement was playing the lead role in the indie psychological horror film, “The Purgation”. When she isn’t acting, Tiffany explores modeling and helps behind the camera as a production team member.

Matthew Alan Rawles as Kevin

Trois like it hot Matthew Rawles
Trois like it hot Matthew Rawles

Matthew was basically the life of the film. He is very energetic and really gets into the roles that he plays. Yes you will see him again in upcoming short film in a few weeks as well. Matthew comes from a long list of talented people. He made some of the best silly faces when it came time to get killed, “Oh my did I give it away? check out the short film and figure it out. Here’s Matthew’s Bio.


Matthew is an American actor from Winnetka California, born on August 28 in Santa Monica to dancers-choreographers Dennon and Sayber Rawles, His father is of English, Irish heritage, while his mother has primarily Austrian ancestry.

As a child, Matthew made his stage debut running out into the spotlight after his father’s performance. He tried ballet at the Performing Arts Center before turning to Martial Arts and Gymnastics. First discovering theatre at the Idyllwild Arts Academy as the Mad Hatter, Matthew eventually worked his way into Musicals such as Damn Yankees at Moorpark College and The Music Man at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. After performing in A Chorus Line as Don, Matthew left musicals to train at UCB in improv technique and then at The Acting Corps to prepare for film acting.

His first love is sci-fi, looking up to James McAvoy, and hopes to one day work with director J.J. Abrams.

Cartrell Daniels as Detective McAvery Thomas

Cartrell Daniels, Detective Macavery Thomas, "Trois Like It Hot", produced by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company.
Cartrell Daniels, Detective Macavery Thomas, “Trois Like It Hot”, produced by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company.

Cartrell is an aspiring writer and actor as well. Cartrell was very active and loved what it did. No sides, just general script direction per scene and he was on point. As soon as the camera turned on he was ready to go. Cantrell played Detective McAvery Thomas. At one point in the film he even says, “Take Off those Damn glasses” talking to the serial killers, oh did I give it away? well you have to check it out. Then. Cartrell is very humble and easy to work with as well.


Cartrell Daniels was born June 26, 1983 in Los Angeles where he fell in love with music and creativity as a whole at a young age. He is the younger of 2 children. Roots go back to North Carolina where his mother was born. Father was born in Los Angeles. Daniels is a talented young actor who truly fell in love with the grind of the art at the age of 26.

Chris “Big Papa” Blevins as Papa Strong

Trois like it hot chrisbigpapablevins
Trois like it hot chrisbigpapablevins

Chris was a good actor he really enjoyed the company of the ladies and did a good job of participating in the film. Chris is going to continue to push himself to grow into a great artist. Chris played, Papa Strong in the film, trois like it hot. Well here’s a link again to the page. I hope you all enjoy. Have a wonderful day night evening eternity. James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company Out.

Here’s the imdb link for the short film. Thanks.

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