Rod Serling Contribution to Science Fiction Genre

Twilight Zone Rod Serling
Twilight Zone Rod Serling

So as I watch the twilight zone series it got me to thinking. Who or what was the creative mind behind this series. Some shows or videos or only on television and good because an extensive amount of marketing has been put behind it and so people like. But if the twilight zones were shown at film festivals private screenings or your backyard, the story is still so powerful. The power of story. As you watch the shows there are so many hidden and implied messages that anyone with any level of intelligence can pick up on. But some people just see the story and so oh that was cool. But for those times you have to watch repeatedly and then you can see the messages being conveyed that you pick up on subconsciously.  Read about Rod Serling’s biography here. Enjoy. Remember to keep creating.

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