Creativity and Food

So have you ever hit Writers block or had difficulty coming up with a new idea. Well sometimes it may be attributed to the kind of food your eating. Yes, the kind of food your eating. Oh well no worries. Here’s a link to a web page that has some interesting ideas on the fuel you should eat to keep your creative juices flowing. Thanks and enjoy!

Creativity Quotes

Eric Thomas I dare you not to go Home

This is a great mini motivational clip from Motivational speaker Eric Thomas about Life and Success. I have noticed that when things get difficult many people fold, but a few people just fly with the cards that they were dealt. So enjoy and may this inspire to create great things.

Trois Like it Hot produced by James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company.

Trois Like It Hot was directed by Jamaal R. James for James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company. So Trois Like It Hot, finally was processed by Amazon and is now Available. Oh by the way it has an NC-17 rating, so no kids can view it. But adult and young adults enjoy the film.

Creative Power and Creative Ability

Here are two websites that I found online that deal with these two topics, Creative Power and Creative Ability, Enjoy.

Technology and Art “IngenuityFest”

So roaming online looking at the concepts of Technology and Art and came across this event held in Cleveland, Ohio called, “IngenuityFest”. It is a  pretty cool event, many of the artists at the event combine technology and art to form creations and displays, don’t take my word for it. Read all about it.


Here’s a great post from just something. com about creative people. I was like hey, that sounds really good. Really good. So check the numbers or traits and many of you will find out you belong on the list. The funniest part was inspiration comes at the most unexpected time, this one is so true, I could be walking and bam, an idea, on the toilet, writing, driving, running, feeling sad, happy, frustrated, ideas, keep coming, pretty cool. Well check it out, and enjoy.

American Film Conference 2014

So if your into creative arts, then you have what you like and don’t like about art, talent and creativity. But another good thing that I’m learning to do is go to conferences and learn information about where an industry is heading or what people in the industry are doing, plus its a good thing to network with people in your industry as it may help down the road especially if the other person is as serious as you are about being successful. So enter the American Film Market Conference Series. Well I could Blab forever about it but it’s best if you check it out yourself.

Meet the Cast of Southside Security Patrol produced by James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company

Here’s a picnet of the cast from Southside Security Patrol where we are just hanging out and taking a picture. I’m currently editing the short film/trailer/pilot. So this should be fun. Wish us best of luck until next time. James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company out.

Southside Security Patrol cast created by Jamaal R. James for James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company.
Southside Security Patrol cast created by Jamaal R. James for James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company.