The History of the Clown

So according to Wikipedia………the clown is a comedic or slapstick performer that performs a variety of comic routines that make people laugh, cry, and have a good time. So the clown is getting a lot of bad publicity right now..but were not going to focus on it…..well instead focus on……the positive. Clowns are needed in our society and are in some cultures seen with the same regard as clergy men….but another thing is clowns have been known to heal children or people that were severely sick by just being able to have people laugh at them and take their minds off of their pain……Well don’t take my word for it……Take a quick look at the History of the Clown…as well as the History of the Trickster…………Click the link.


This is a funny video from mad that I cant stop laughing at…..but still props to Tommy the Clown for all he’s done.

One day I’ll be working with you both…Crista Flanagan (Nippy) and Jordan Peele (Noodles)…thanks for making us laugh and for writing the sketches yourselves.

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