Creative Director Talk: Self Validation from Creative Director Jamaal R. James of James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company

Many times and very often in creative fields, our ideas, can and are seen by others as genius, irrational, irrelevant, unpopular, superpopular, accept, despised, loved, highly creative. Now the things is what if you made your creations based upon the approval of others or waited until the group could finally see the dynamic image you saw. can you iamge how disaterous films would be. Can you image Apple if Steve Jobs wasn’t adamant about the design and functionality of an American product.

On another note and some will get mad but by not taking the time to get better and improve on your product or idea, you leave people hanging. Hanging by a lot depending on how much they wanted to like or believe in your product or idea. Either way, don’t stop believing and make things happen in spite of circumstances. Love you all.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

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