#Depth of #Field for #Filmmaking

So I was watching the paid subscription service the other day and watched a film and thought to myself why does this seem bad or not feel right.   So after watching it again and again I thought to myself.  So this project isn’t working because all the shots seem dead.  When you look at the film there was mostly faces and then all the shots had the full person’s body in them.  Then I sat back and critiqued my own work and thought to myself maybe I better add more depth to my own projects so they have more feel to them.  But next time you watch a film project or photo look at the image really look at it and see if you feel like it crashes when you look at it or if it flows and that the picture or shot has depth to it.  Well that’s it for now. See yah on the next one and in the mean time enjoy this short project about depth of field.