#Flygirl100 #wingless #puppet #bird rented a pair of wings to fly across #town by #Creative #Director Jamaal R. James

Flygirl100 rented some wings from a wing rental shop and know she’s flying around town looking for a golden egg.  If you see her tell her to keep looking and she’ll find that egg she’s been looking for in no time.

Flygirl100 is the best and she's a great navigator and we all learn from her. Created by Jamaal R. James for James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company.
Flygirl100 is a funny friend and she rented a pair of wings at the wing shop, she was created to remind kids that some things are unexplainable. Jcaaec
Flygirl100 is a smart bird and has a golden goose tracker. Sh'es going to collect all of her eggs.
We love you flygirl100 keep all striving girl we know you can do it. Created by Jamaal R. James