How to Make a Cinematic Film

So I was looking up many articles and wondering the best way to make your film or project look Cinematic.  It all come down to 2 to three variables.  The variables are shutter speed and frame rate.  So there isn’t a magic formula it’s best for you to experiment on your own to find what you like.  I was playing around with different frame rates and shutter speeds and you can achieve some interesting visuals (depending on what your trying to accomplish).  So to make your high value motion picture production or low budget production great lay around with these two variables.  You can also play around with light and timing and other things but for me using those two things really helped me.  But last but not least credit should be given where it’s due there are some amazing ways to learn many cool things from UDEMY.  No I’m not doing affiliate marketing for Udemy but I believe in giving credit where it’s due….

Last updated 6/2017