Is it important to have a Leading Actor/Actress or Star in your film?

Here’s a question that I ask myself from time to time.  In order to be considered a successful project or film many people judge whether your project was a success by how much money the project made.  So the question is how important is it to have a star say Tom Cruise in your science fiction or action based thriller.  When you hear the name you say okay this has to be a good movie because he’s a very talented actor and all his films from Top Gun to Mi(Mission Impossible) series are fast based mind bending thrillers.  But would a guy who doesn’t have the name but was talented in regards to acting be able to convince the audience he is who he is playing or his role says he is.  I guess that all comes down to casting and the casting director’s choices in pre -production of a film or project.

Or what about a sex goddess or sexual appeal.  Do you need a A list hot actress such as Angelina Jolie or a celebrity personality say the likes of Kendall Jenner or a model like Gigi Hadid in your project for it to be hot.  I guess many factors come into play as a creative director/film director in regards to the direction of your project.  If you are self financing then you can do whatever you want because it’s your money.  If you are using investor money (and you want to keep using investor money) you probably want to give them a return on the money/faith that they put in you to make a project that people would love to spend their hard earned dollars on.  But then again that begs the question without a doubt can you make a successful production without star power.  On one hand I believe you can.  If the plot is well thought out and your targeted audience can follow the message it works.  But the amount of people the message reaches may be limited unless you can find a way to make your project go viral.  But the same project with 1 name generally has further reach.  For those of you who don’t believe me next time your teenager or kid wants to buy an advertised toy like Probot man (generic term for a brand labeled toy) say hey kidd look at this over here this toy does this and that better than Probot man and it’s cheapier.  Look in the child’s eyes and see the sadness that sets in because you let them down and didn’t get them the toy that they wanted.  Why do they want the toy because all the tv commercials say so, their social circle says so, and their mind says so.  But your saying no.  Kids and adults are no different if I can pay 5 dollars or 20 dollars to see my favorite star on the big screen why wouldn’t I do it.  But if I just want to be told a story I don’t care if a D, or F- actor or actress tells the story as long as it makes me feel something I’m sold.  So the answer is it all depends on your goal.   What do you think?