Are you #Pregnant full of #ideas? By Creative Director Jamaal R. James

So here we have a person that’s pregnant full of ideas. It’s just a metaphor and a reminder to ourselves once you have an idea give birth to it.  some aren’t fully developed so they they need love time and energy given to them so that they can grow.  Others are strong enough to run off on their own.  but whatever it is keep going.  As creatives you get discouragaed and tired and mad fun of and hated on.  But it’s all apart of the process of growth and change.  Grant Cardone has a great video on haters as well.  So watch it and enjoy and keep creating.  Some ideas you can share others don’t until you’ll ready for them to be smashed and beat up.  That’s all see yah on the creative side.

Are you pregnant full of ideas?
Pregnant Idea Man created by Creative Director Jamaal R. James