#Crunchgorwolf #fantasyart for a creative project in the #works not twerks by #Creativedirector Jamaal R. James

So this is another character that got up out of the floor this morning as well.  Be free crunchgorwolf be free little dude and be all you can be mannnnnn! Dance sing, party, defend, study, contribute and live life.  Your Father Creative Director Jamaal R. James

jcaaec character design for 2018, solo movie character
Crunchgorwolf scary character for JCAAEC

#Afrikaans #Krgsyman #Terracotta #Art by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

So I was using the bathroom and then these images looked up at me(more on the way). I guess they are asking for expression so time to release these images.  Well see you in a story  soon,  but for now thanks for visiting me and be free.  Big ups to the company making some need changes in the storytelling world. Great job.

Afrikaans Krygsman 2018 jcaaec
Afrikaans Krygsman Terra Cotta Man by illustrator Jamaal R. James

#Repost Boy #Kanji Vs. Grey #Goose #Gorilla Bon still #Winning by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

A new term Scrumdillamishishmigpa for the Boy Kanji fighting the Good fight against the wackness.  Keep going Boy Kanji. Keep Going.

Looks like the Gorilla is getting mopped up the young boy
JCAAEC science fiction film project Boy Kanji versus Grey Goose Gorilla Bon

#20 Faces of #Squares by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

In todays world many look for over complicated ideas and images but sometimes simple can be more than enough…hence the square. Four sided plain jane but stable. Winjoy the day and be Happy for what you have and grateful for all the places you’ve been are going and will go.  Stay imagining kidd!

Square box drawings by illustrator Jamaal R. James
JCAAEC square thumbs drawings