#Hungry #Habbit Hand #Puppet is hungry for #Carrots by Creative Director Jamaal R. James

The Habbit hand is a very fast hand and it likes to eat lots of carrots. Carrots are really good for the body and cause a great deal of Happiness. Life is great and can’t wait. Make sure to eat your carrots and stay happy and Healthy. Health is wealth.

Hungry Habbit World by Creative Director Jamaal R. James
Hungry Habbit is hand puppet habbit that’s always chasing carrots.

#Mary #Berry but not a #pose by #illustrator Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

So was going thru a book of drawing and saw Mary here but she wasn’t finished. So I took the time to finish and make sure she comes to life and joins our Awesome creative arts company. Keep it going. Love and life. Think about it.

~Cartoonist Jamaal R. James



Mary Berry Pose by-jcaaec-james creative arts and entertainment company-winning
maryberry-contrary-jcaaec-2017-james creative arts and entertainment company.

#hot Hands #Happy amd you know it by #illustrator Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

5 hands making plans is amazing. The hands you see and the hands we don’t see mean many things.  I guess the more time we create and the effects of the break.  Taking breaks while making lakes is important to the steaks of the paper flakes and the wackshakes.  The beast of time will change the grind but all is one until the top gun is fun. What the hell……Just another day.

~Creative Director of Quirkyness Jamaal R. James..don’t blame me..I just work here.

James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company-5hands of time.
jcaaec-hothands-2017-james creative arts and entertainment company

#Hot Hands #haters hate and #wackness by #illustrator Jamaal R. James for #JCAAEC

The hand is actually a very beautiful creation.  Beautiful creations take time to create.  The space you create and the time it takes leads to great things. Just remind yourself of change. Change. Change. Change is constant and not variable.  Change doesn’t mean you can’t be it means you must see.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

James Creative arts And Entertainment Company and hands of fire-jcaaec-2017
Hot Hands and James Creative arts And entertainment company-good job kidd- we love you kids. Keep growing.


#Hot Hands with lots of plans by #illustrator Jamaal R. James for #JCAAEC

Hands are fun and can teach us alot. Hands do many things.  We are surprised of the power of hands and how hands make us great.  Hands can build and hands can destroy. Choose to build and watch your life blossom.  Good luck kidd.

Hot Hands with too many fans-james creative arts and entertainment company.
Hot Hands with lots of fans and plenty plans-just ballin-winning not sinning-plus grinning-stay postive-life is alive-james creative arts and entertainment company.

#Lemron The #Conartist is doing his #conman dance and loving it by Aniamtor Jamaal R. James

Lemron is here have no fear. He’ll con you without shedding a tear  Lemron is keeping a balance in the world.  Lemron loves you but he loves himself more.  Lemron is a reminder to all of us if something is shiny it probably isn’t good for you. But on another note, thank goodness for the greats before me that dedicated and took the time to really learn the skill of animation.  That’s it.


#TigerBowlman #animation short film by film director Jamaal R. James for jcaaec

Here we have a tigerbowlman that is pinning around and winning around and that’s about it kidd.  Looking for more coming from this growing creative arts company.  See yah soon or on the other side. jj out.


Children’s Show: #Flygirl100 makes her first runway and then teaches the #kids a few new things

This creative arts show is for children and teaches them the importance of following the path they have chosen no matter how many different obstacles they face on their journey.  Many things were handed to most people so they don’t understand the concept of struggle.  But struggle is almost apart of every aspect of life. Ups and downs come and go.  But the path  stays the same. Tune in soon for another show. This project was voiced by Cassandra Jones and Solomon Davis for James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company.