#Miradolphinus and the 2 #seals #magus and #pagus were #created today from one of the #muses for #jcaaec by vessel #illustrator Jamaal R. James

So once again your humble servant thanks whatever Muse showed up and imparted this knowledge to me or vision to me. Be free Miradolphinus and the 2 seals magus and pagus. We love you go forth and multiply and stay dry.  I released them then Miradolphinus stated she was reporting for duty with the 2 seals. I guess. Well your first assignment is to create a fun environment and protect your friends and family then have fun and make connections. We love you and go where you belong.

Miradolphinus-Creative arts company-jcaaec
Miradolphnius and 2 Seals Magus and Pagus by illustrator Jamaal R. James for James Creative arts And Entertainment Company-jcaaec

#Jcaaec #tonguetwistermister for a #fun #show lets go by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

Dont trip and sip and flip just dont trip, keep doing you, I’ll do me, We’ll never see. Going to the end. Oh well my friend. Haters gonna hate. Thats what haters do. I’m gonna do what I do. Create Create and create some more, Oh well one way or another i’M in to win. Too bad. Twister jenius.



#Lucky #Brown #Jenius chracter design by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

Lucky Brown turns frowns upside down. He’s cool for school and likes to take lucky risks. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, but the fun is in playing the game. Stay risk taking and never hating. ~Lucky Brown Jenius 20…..

Lucky brown jenius art-jcaaec