@Metrolosangeles @LADOTOfficial #SafetyDisplay by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

This was a image that jumped into my head today. The railway can have a display that pops us and acts as a barrier so people can’t go onto the tracks. The material is clear but rigid and firm.  There can be a device that detects air pressure differences on the trains arrival and departure or it could be run by video conference. The revenue from the ads would be pretty substantial but it might be over kill. If that’s too much then I get it.

**Another cool thing would be equip certain trains for big events with live updates of the event or maybe an app that people can download specially for that day. So if its a dodgers game you have dodgers trains that play videos in the overlay or against the wall of the train. The video screens can help everyone come together and make the experience of riding the train memorable.

For concerts you can play videos of the artists that are going to be there or they can listen to  an app that tlaks about the concert or shows live feeds. You say yeah but you can do this on your phone. Yes, but those are communal experiences so people that come to have fun let down there barriers and enjoy the experience. Just saying. If you have ever been to a comedy club you know what i mean a joke is funny when your alone but when and others find it funny its like contagious laughter. That’s all. Me and this kid named Edward in High School used to crack jokes and I laughed at him laughing at me laughing at him. So something like that. Universe, GOD, Muses, thanks. Exhausted now from all those I dont know where it can from ideas. Peace.

I have another solution for other issues that pop up from time to time. Here’s how it works you agree to pay basic services and then if you believe in this or that cause so much then well take extra out of your check and pay for it since you believe in so much. That’s fair. Peace.