#Meet Virginia by #MrLearn2Cr8 for #jcaaec

So I always have a series of short stories that pop in my head from time to time. In time I will make them into short films or I may not ever. Either way. Here we go(Slick Rick Bedtime Story Voice):


Virginia was a long time sufferer of worry and addiction. She had been thru several failed relationships and had recently finished another abuse relationship. (Virginia is laying on the bed in a night gown where sweat is dripping from her pores as she sits in a hot humid room staring at the rapidly turning ceiling fan).

Virginia is tired and is started to feel sick. She reached up to her dresser drawer next to her reached for her trusty go to of Relieveaxer(Pill Bottle). She reaches and notices the bottle jumps back from her. She shakes her head and eyes to verify what she just saw. The bottle has  a grin on its face. Virginia lunges from her bed towards the pill bottle. This effort fails and now she finds herself crawling on the floor towards the pill bottle who has opened its top and it flexing on her by shaking the pills in his belly. Virginia shakes her head again as she continues in pursuit of the pill bottle. The pill bottle has jumped into the bathroom. Virginia peers into the bathroom listening for the nauseating and intoxicating sound of the rattle of pills. She looks around near the toilet doesn’t see anything. Virginia musters up the courage to pull herself up to the sink level of the bathroom sink. Virginia  opens the medicine cabinet above the kitchen sink. Immediately the pill bottle jumps into Virginia’s face and then Virginia and the pill bottle get into a fight damaging the bathroom mirror and causing the soap dispenser to hit the floor. Virginia falls to the floor and the pill bottle runs out of the bathroom. By now Virginia’s urge to cure her remedy has reached climatic-obsession. Virginia foaming at the mouth and badly injured pounds the wood floor in the direction of the pill bottle as it runs into the kitchen. The pill bottle starts to dance near the kitchen counter and then suddenly does a spin move and throws all of its pills into the air causing them to trickle into the sink where the disposal is waiting. Virginia reaches around to grab the fledgling and melting pills when she looks up the pill bottle is near the on/off switch to the disposal. Virginia turns her head side to side in a slow motion trying to convince the pill bottle not to take the action. The pill bottle takes the action as Virginia is pulling away…but its too late. The blades of the disposal have damaged Virginia’s hand and she winces in pain and uses her other hand to grab the bottle by its waist. She applies enough force to crush the pill bottle causing her hand to bleed. Virginia then falls to the floor from pure exhaustion. (In walks speaker narrator, “Addiction is powerful, more powerful than most will ever know!” Narrator walks off. Final shot of Virginia laying with hands on the ground.

**This is a short story that I wrote. That’s it. Peace. GOD, Universe, Muses, thank you for the power of storytelling.