#BarryPrice pays the price for dues which he is not due by #MrLearnCr8 for #jcaaec

Barry Price is woken up out of his restful sleep to loud clamoring and several clenched hands grabbing him by the shirt. Barry is fighting and yelling as he is dragged by the mob out of the wooden antique floors and onto the dry broken unpaved road. “Barry Price  pay the Price, Barry Price pay the price. The mob chants louder and louder and louder. You candy bar stealer. You thief. Barry Price pay the price as one throws gas. Barry still half a sleep begins to ponder candy bars. I’ve never stolen a candy bar. As Barry is hosted up on the hangman’s noose he struggles harder. Hey you have got the wrong guy. Barry’s voice is muffled against the violent mob yelling, “Barry Price pay the price.” Barry looks out into the unruly mob looking for one reasoning person to plead with. Just then a match is lit. Barry Price is burning and hanging from the noose. Barry Price pay the price the mob Chants. After the smell of burning flesh and angry sentiment has settled down the main agitator says, Ooops it looks like there was a typo on the spelling of the name is was Larry Rice in the next town over. The crowd in shock looks at Barry. Then as the crowd dispurses well he did something to deserve that.  The narrator walks in…you have just witnessed the power of mob rule, mob rule or justice rule, you choose. Walks off.

**GOD, Universe, Muses, thank you. Be Blessed. This is a story a fiction based story.