#Malikworks on his technique for #jcaaec

I drawed this bird today and his name is Malik. He plants seeds all over the place to try and make the word a better place. Seeds of good. He did what he could when he could. Another character creation from James creative arts and entertainment company. Peace.



#Rhinesarus is #Prosperus without a Fuss for #jcaaec

So I was in the Holiday cheer mood and I thought about this Rhino woman and then tried to draw her but it didn’t work. Well it did work but not to the elvel that I would have liked it to be done. But something done is better than something thought about getting done. So here she is. Stay Humble, Happy, Healthy, Happy.



#Winningup the #Score and now she #soars for #jcaaec

Whelimina Winning up the score and now she soars. So this is a message or character to help empower the handicap or disabled. Many of us take things for granted. The message is to not let a disability effect your self esteem. Stay Humble, Hungry, Happy, and Humble. Peace. GOD, Universe, Muses, thanks.



#Rico #Flex #Be #Coming #Up for #jcaaec

Rico Flex be Coming Up is a concept animation film about a dude from Bloomington who a lot of people hated on but he came up anyway. So his name is Rico Flex be coming up. It might take 2 years to make this or maybe a couple of months. But I’ll get around to it. Well I can’t do it all myself I have to hire a team of animators and voice artists. We shall see. GOD willing but in the meantime between time that Fool Be Coming Up. #RicoFlex on Em. #Tomateros #Rialto #Bloomington #Colton #Fontana #Dino #LongBeach #OrangeCounty #LosAngeles #SanDiego #Oxnard #SanFrancisco



#Skislope #Ninja #Film for #jcaaec

So I was thinking about snow not (Snowden) and then I was thinking about film ideas. So it would be cool in a film where you had a guy that had to make it to the bottom of the slope while fighting various adversaries staring Wesley Snipes would be even cooler. Well that’s it for now. Peace. GOD, Universe, Muses, thanks.