#Angel #3Rings for #3Kings and #3Sings

So I started to draw an Angel and then thought about what if the Angels had 3 rings. Then I started rhyming about 3 rings and 3 kings and 3 sings or 3 songs and 3 wrongs don’t make 3 rights and 3 mics don’t make for 3 fights and 3 trees don’t make for 3 teams and 3 dreams doesn’t mean 3 Bentleys, stay true and do U. Peace plus Bars in the sauce with the extra drip, don’t slip and stay Hip. Lol. Peace.




Lil #Ricoflex #skateboard G put too much boost on his #turbos for #jcaaec

Lil RicoFlex was messing around in the lab and put too much boost on his skateboard and now he’s going 2 fast. Hold up Lil RicoFlex. But luckily he put in a slow-mode boost mode so he can land safely. Stay up Lil RicoFlex, Peace. GOD, Universe, Muses, Thank U.



Lil #RicoFlex #boosted #truck for #jcaaec

LilRicoFlex’s Uncle Rogelio’s boosted truck. So he set up two multi-stage turbos, a differential (locking) that transfers all the weight to the rear wheels and hydraulic lifts that jump the front of the truck, and a down pipe to the rear of the truck so it doesn’t fall over. It can be done. GOD, Universe, Muses, thank U. Stay Happy, Healthy, and Humble.



#SientamosSenos is a #medicine man for #jcaaec

I think I should start writing some speculative fiction stories with these characters and then making quick short films and see which ones people like and then build off of then or do features from the feedback. Or how about No. GOD, Universe, Muses, thank U. Sientamose Senos senses where the patients wounds are and removes the poison and turns the patient into a new person. But wait there’s more….he loves Smores. Get it, there’s more he loves Smores. Lol. Peace. Gracias, yo recuerdo.