Lil #RicoFlex’s #Familia is #aqui (here) and lives in #Bloomington for #jcaaec

Meet Lil Rico Flex’s Familia, His Dad’s name is Carlos Flex, he owns several ranches in  Salinas, Oxnard, and San Jose, California he sold some and brought him some land in Bloomington and Fontana and built 2 ranches.  The family often visits family up North plus the beauty and landscape and peace of mind that the open space brings. It’s Rico’s job to manage one of the apartment buildings on some of the land.  Rico’s Mom’s  name is Camilla-Maria Flex she lived in West Covina, California and met Carlos at a Quinceañera. Rico Flex’s sister Anatasia is always telling on Rico when ever he does anything. So they are constantly fighting. Rico’s babysister’s name is Miriam Flex and she is always escaping from the playpen and running around the house. Rico is happy because Carlos brought him a mini drone( that Rico tricked out) that he flys everywhere. Okay, so now the interior of the house and his grandma, and some of his friends.  GOD, Universe, Muses, thank U. Stay Happy, Healthy, Hungry, and Healing. ***ON another note don’t ever let anybody silence your inner child do what you feel or want to draw. When the criticism comes just know it’s a part of the process. Peace.