#RicoFlex is reading the paper and has questions about some #Raids for #jcaaec

So Lil RicoFlex was reading the paper and noticed that many of the get the people with no papers raids keep happening at factories and areas where the population happens to be predominately a certain race. Lil RicoFlex asks his Dad how the raids are conducted, what criteria is used for who is at the top of the list, is there any data on what races or groups seem to be processed more than others or is it just random. Lil RicoFlex’s Dad yells out, LilRico can you fix the internet Coello-5G keeps doing a wifi de-assocaition attack against the router that no one seems to know anything about. I called everybody and nobody knows why this is happening or how to stop it. Okay Dad..says, Lil Rico. Dad isn’t weird that my cellphone you brought me was hacked by unknown randoms but Coello-5g attacks the house wifi. Yes Lil Rico that is weird. Okay so back to your question. LilRico Flex I don’t know the answers to your questions. Im’ sorry son. I don’t know. LilRico Flex wouldn’t that be evil if I dressed up as someone and then tryed to scare you and tell you the dressed up person was bad but was being paid to act up. Yes Dad, that seems pretty evil. Well RicoFlex welcome to the real world Kidd. Peace. GOD, Universe, Muses, Thank U.