James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company Presents, “Art, Work, Play, Fun” #1

Art, Work, Play, Fun, is a creative arts workshop coming to you in 2015. In this workshop we will have art sessions and art classes, where people of various ages will be able to learn how to draw, paint, create, different types and forms of art from different areas of Art to assist those who want to expand their art expertise or ability. So look out for this in 2015. The workshops will most likely fall on the same time that, “The Book Of Creative Ideas” is going to released so a workshop every other month. So let’s going fellow artists, with art ideas. I think this is going to be a fun one. Who knows from this workshop many artists, with art ideas, will be able to help create art jobs for other artists and artists who didn’t know they were artists. Until then folks, enjoy your life, and breathe, focus your attention on what you want…and be grateful for everything you have. Jamaal R. James, Out.