Location Scouting

How important is Location Scouting?

How important is it to have the right setting for your film? Extremely important. The location makes your story believeable or unbelievable. So watch this quick video on the importance of scouting for a location. Enjoy.

Trois Like it Hot…….on Amazon.com

So Trois Like It Hot finally uploaded to the Amazon Prime store…so woooo hoooooooo. I think we’re going to make a part 2 to the film…a sequel….we shall see probably shooting sometime in the fall of 2015……but for now….just a reminder to all to check out this quarky short film about three females who are fed up with men and start killing them.

Here’s a link:

Trois Like It Hot on Amazon.com

How to Create a DIY Camera Stabilizer

Just a quick film tip for indie and anyone who likes to make films…..this little rig is called a camera stabilizer…I have made so many things out of pvc pipe that work just as well…..so watch this clip, save some money, and use it for marketing or other parts of your project….thanks again….

Facial Expressions Drawing Book

When I first started drawing I was horrible with faces…but as time went on and I kept practicing drawing faces I was able to get better. I used this book on a regular basis and it helped me learn to draw different types of faces way better. I hope this book helps you as much as it helped me. Enjoy.

Facial Expressions by Mark Simon.
Facial Expressions by Mark Simon.


Here’s a link to the amazon site to buy the book. http://www.amazon.com/Facial-Expressions-Visual-Reference-Artists/dp/0823016714

Duddy The Digger, Donut World 1.1, new Comic Strips coming soon.

Good Morning, All. Well here we have one known..and one unknown. Duddy The Digger is a new comic strip created by Jamaal R. James for James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company. Duddy is a regular guy that likes to get down and dirty and dig. Donut World 1.1 Comic Strip is the comic strip about a Donutchoc who watched his friend get killed by Carrotman because he wouldn’t give him the secret donut recipe….and all the other misadventures while Carrotman and donutchoc duell it out. Enjoy.