#Alphusmagnoumus Versus #sharknasty #shortfilm #conceptart by #filmdirector Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

Alphusmagnoumus is a retired navy seal who lives in the beaches off Hawaii. He was eating some fruit one day and went for a swim. When he entered the water a friend said do you know the water is haunted by sharks. He said sharks. What kind of sharks? Nasty sharks sharks so bad they call em Sharknasty.  Alphusmagnoumus said I guess I’ll have to see about these sharks.  (Enters the water) Friend apprehesive grabs him. “Alphusmagnoumus”,  Sharknasty has missles and is rocket powered you dont stand a chance in hell. “Alphusmagnoumus responds, “Kid, for my country and family to be safe to swim in the ocean someone has to face Sharknasty kidd. I just happen to be the man for the job. Splash (sound) as he goes into the water.  (End Scene)

So was watching Incredible 2 the other day and what a good movie. Talked about man issues and responsibilities of raising a family and being a father. Good job guys that created that project on the story. See yah soon. Alphusmagnoumus you are free to create your universe kidd, go be free.



#NinjaWarrior is #Defending his #area by #illustrator Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

So was thanking about ninjas and then the show American ninja warrior. Then thought to myself what about the ninjas that fight battles that no one knows about but do it without being thanked or told how awesome they are. Well thank you to the unsung and unheard and unseen ninjas of the world who operate in whatever capacity to keep this republic functioning and nonsense out of here. That’s it. Muses, thanks for the continued inspiration and insights that come out of the blue. Your humble servant JJ.


#Oneway a short film by #filmdirector Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

So watching Taxi by Scorsese and was like wow. Learned about framing from his book and then really listened to the film without the sound and what not. Crazy concept and well done. After breaking down the greats techniques I totally understand why they  are great, from Spielberg to Hitchcock. Most of the techniques they use effect us on a subconscious level we don’t even see it. Well thanks again Muses for giving me inspiration and thanks to the creative people who protect creative ideas, creative people, and this wonderful country, and our cities, without being asked. May you be blessed beyond measure you and lineage. It is so.


#AlfredHitchcock #Judge of the #suspence #fanart by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

So watching another Hitchcock film and then thought what if he could mentor you on your projects and tell you where they were great and what parts were lacking. That would be pretty cool. That’s it. Forgive me Hitchcock the drawing isn’t up to par but it’s a start. Thanks again for the Muses and creative freedom to express oneself. Yes, precious freedom.

Judge Alfred Hitchcock-winning-fanart

#Juggling #Johnny by #creativedirector Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

So I’ve been trying to learn juggling and what not. Haven’t quite got the hang of it. But in time everything. that’s it.  Sorry for the delays in posting. Bust regular life. But still creating. Thanks Muses for the continued inspiration your humble servant. Thanks for allowing me to be born into a country where I am free to express myself without persecution.