Southside Security Patrol: Short Film

So here it is yes, finally finished the film…..yayyyyy…the poster for the film can use some work, but sometimes simple is smart. Sometimes weird is different. Well here’s the basic premise of the film…..some security guards run into daily troubles while securing the perimeter of a building…this film was made to see how this story would look on film and what not…..there’s more coming from this story but not pulling all my hats out of the bag as yet…as any good card player never does…..but for now..enjoy this short film…clip….and thanks again all who actually came thru and made this happen.


Here’s the link to the film and trailer…………



Thanks again to the wonderful cast:

Ashley Romero…….as the HQIC.

Ashley Romero as the HQIC, Southside Security Patrol.
Ashley Romero as the HQIC, Southside Security Patrol.

Ashley was a pleasure to work with once again. She was very professional and brought the HQIC to life. Thanks again Ashley.

You can check her bio out here.



Aaron Rose as A.J.

Aaron A.J.  Southside Security Patrol created by Jamaal R. James
Aaron Rose… A.J. Southside Security Patrol created by Jamaal R. James

Aaron did a wonderful job on set and was pretty creative with his wordplay and coming up with conversation on the spot. I thought he did an outstanding job. Aaron also works as a stand-up comic in addition to acting. We know we’ll see him on the big screen. A.J. is pretty funny, if you have ever worked security you always have that one guy who takes his job way to serious, A.J. is that guy.

Here’s a link to Aaron’s contacts:



Amanda Martin…….as Savannah

Amanda Martin as Savannah Southside Security Patrol created by Jamaal R. James
Amanda Martin as Savannah Southside Security Patrol created by Jamaal R. James


Amanda was a sweetheart to work with. Her and Aaron made great partners and were truly a dynamic duo. Amanda was the A.J.’s partner in the film. If you ever noticed someone who is always doing too much on the job or taking things really serious? They usually have a partner who supports and backs them up in whatever they do. So Amanda held her own and backed up A.J. Amanda was very manageable as well.

Here’s a link to Amanda’s Contact info:



Armond Edward Dorsey…… Marcus

Armond Edward Dorsey as Marcus  Southside Security Patrol created by Jamaal R. James
Armond Edward Dorsey as Marcus Southside Security Patrol created by Jamaal R. James

Armond was great to work with…Armond brought Marcus to life. Sometimes…I thought to myself is this Marcus or Armond..he just naturally did stuff that Marcus would do..great personality…and forgiving…as we started kind of late after a few setbacks…but the show must go on. Armond was Marcus the guy who’s lazy and doesn’t really do much. Many of us know people like this on any job from IT to bodybuilding….so check Armond’s bio here.

Armond’s IMDB Page:

Armond’s backstage profile:



Gemma Alfaro….as Janet

 Gemma Pilar Janet Southside Security Patrol created by Jamaal R. James
Gemma Pilar Alfaro…as Janet Southside Security Patrol created by Jamaal R. James


Gemma played Janet in Southside Security Patrol. Gemma was pretty funny and the lines that she came up with in this unscripted comedy was pretty funny. Gemma brought Janet to life and stood her own as well as partnered well with Marcus…..but on any job just like the hard working person has an ally the lazy person has the same ally. Janet and Marcus like to hang out and hardwork is a foreign concept to them. Gemma was very easy to work with and she was very Coachable as well. Thanks again. Gemma. Here’s a link to Gemma’s profile:

Gemma’s Backstage  Page:

Gemma’s Blog:




D’Andre Johnson….as Dacian Banks.

 Dandre Dacian Banks Southside Security Patrol created by Jamaal R. James
Dandre Johnson….as Dacian Banks Southside Security Patrol created by Jamaal R. James

Dandre was and is a very talented actor. Dandre was supposed to be a member of the cast but things changed last minute and Dandre was chosen as the villain. So it worked really well…and he quickly switched roles from being apart of the group to being a villain. Dandre was a very formidable villain for the guards of Southside Security Patrol…so I guess you’ll have to check it out to see what happened. Thanks again Dandre for being so flexible. You can check out Dandre’s contacts here.

Dandre’s bio:

Dandre’s p-interest:

Comedy Writing for Screen Writers

This is a great article that I found online about Comedy writing. I always wondered how some of the actors were so funny. Then I realized that the writers have written a lot of the material that the actors and actresses deliver. So hence the new study of writing and learning how to make common things funny. Enjoy.

Dj BoBo- a dancing music sensation


So surfing the net and came across this guy called “DJ BoBo”, so he not only sings, he dj’s and acts, and dances, and does this magical performances, and he has  a crazy following and is tremendously successful. So here’s a link to the wikipedia page about him, I Believe its in german, so just use the translate feature by left clicking on the page or going to options on your browser and doing this. I knew what i wanted to do with this company is possible, he’s already done it, but in a different way, anything is possible, my friends, ANYTHING!


Dj Bobo wikipedia page:


Dj Bobo Video Everybody:


Importance of Honing your skills by James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company

So I was sitting around listening to Will Smith talk about your craft and honing your skills and thought to myself its so true. If you don’t practice and practice and practice you cant express your art and talent in the way you would like. No worries. That’s about it. This is a reminder to keep going no matter what and to keep practicing no matter how incremental the change. Until next time, James Creative Arts and Entertainment reminds you to keep honing your skills.

Creativity and Exercise by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

Creative Ideas are with you always. So I went for a walk today to get rid of some frustration that I was feeling regarding things occurring that are out of hands. I decided that I was going to climb this hill. I had drunk some water earlier and I was relaxing but getting ready to do the deed. Lol. Fontana Hills Sky

The link above will take you to the picture. Let me see if I can figure out how to insert it here.

James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company
James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

So as you can see. Ah, destiny to climb the mountain. Right. Well that’s what I thought to myself. It was so hard. There is a path that goes around the mountain but I didn’t start there. I started at the bottom of the face of the mountain. It was such good exercise but man it hurt. I had to stop at least 7 to 9 times, maybe even 10. It was a lot of rest because at some points there were only rocks and you had to low crawl to make it up some of the ridges. but it was good. As you get to the top there are rocks that are painted with various figures like star wars, alice in wonderland, and various other cartoons, lol. Here is one.

James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company
James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

Whoever created this did an Awesome job and really took there time. But the paintings acted like land marks cuz like I said there is like 4 or 5 false/fake ridges before you reach the pinnacle of the mountain. One thing that was really weird/cool was at certain points on some ridges you could hear complete silence/stillness. It was so quiet I could hear my heartbeat. Yes, that quiet. So the experience was pretty cool in and of itself. I really liked it. And last but not least the grand finale. The top. Here are some pictures from the top.



James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company
James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company


James creative Arts and Entertainment Company
James creative Arts and Entertainment Company


As I walked and continued to walk it dawned on me(as it always does during exercise) no one was with me. I was all alone. It was scary but thrilling at the same time, but more scary. I have heard countless stories of people getting bit by snakes and mountain lion scares but another part of me wanted to climb the mountain in spite of all those obstacles or perceived difficulties. What I realize a lot of time is fear or the things that are stopping us are in our head. But my persistent effort in spite of the fear, little step, by little step, We get there. Not as fast as some others or as fast as we would like but we get there. Another thing in todays age of hyper connectivity if a lot of people aren’t cheering you on or championing your idea then your a loser/nobody. But I realized that’s not true. Who makes the determination what is great to a person’s sense of accomplishment and what is not. A five year old learning how to ride a bike doesn’t compare themselves to a tour de france racer. IF they were they would never get on the bike because that’s extremely self destructive. So where does creativity come from? anywhere. But when you creating or trying things out if you only have an audience of 10 or 12. Be grateful for even that. Which is also my way of saying Thank You to anyone and everyone who follows me and likes my instagram pics as I take this journey and reads this blog from time to time. Climbing the hill reminded me that the route to your goal is long and laborious, but with determination and will power you can get there.

Created Another Logo for a Local Business in Moreno Valley, Ca.

James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company created another logo/header for a local business here in Moreno Valley, Ca called Hudena James Inc. The first logo was kind of not want the owner wanted. After a few tweeks to the page you could clearly understand what the business stood for and was capable of doing for you. The business happens to be a paralegal business that helps people with forms needed for various situations that may arise. As a Creative Arts Company it was good getting to venture into a different field other than something that is more easily recognized as dealing with creativity such as drawing, art, or music, or anything along those lines. Here is a link to the picture posted on instagram James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company One thing that I realized while playing on the project is that not much is done without failure first happening first. But as you stumble and keep on going you get better and better. So once again thanks for stopping by, James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company, have a wonderful day.