Creative Director Talk by Jamaal R. James

As we take a concept from the mind and onto paper and then translate it into film sometimes the end result wasn’t what you originally imagined. Don’t let that make you angry. Just go back to the drawing board and try again. Or refine the final concept and refine it again and again until it becomes the envisioned result.

~Jamaal R. James

Creative Director Talk: Self Validation from Creative Director Jamaal R. James of James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company

Many times and very often in creative fields, our ideas, can and are seen by others as genius, irrational, irrelevant, unpopular, superpopular, accept, despised, loved, highly creative. Now the things is what if you made your creations based upon the approval of others or waited until the group could finally see the dynamic image you saw. can you iamge how disaterous films would be. Can you image Apple if Steve Jobs wasn’t adamant about the design and functionality of an American product.

On another note and some will get mad but by not taking the time to get better and improve on your product or idea, you leave people hanging. Hanging by a lot depending on how much they wanted to like or believe in your product or idea. Either way, don’t stop believing and make things happen in spite of circumstances. Love you all.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

Learning From Non Traditional Sources of Art and Knowledge

So as we approach the mid way point of 2015 I said to myself, hmmmmmmm. What have I learned this year. How can I keep learning and expanding my mind to gain new concepts. Then the thought popped into my head to listen to music that I don’t normally listen too. Go places I don’t normally go and listen to things or opinions that differ from that of my own. By staying centered while doing all of this it has really helped change my awareness of the world we live in as well as whats possible for us to achieve. So if you are involved in the creative arts or just a regular person that doddles from time to time. Try listening to some different music, walk new ways to school wear your hair or clothes differently. But at the end of the day stay centered so that you remain true to yourself and you. Make it a wonderful day.

~Jamaal R. James

Trois Like it Hot…….on

So Trois Like It Hot finally uploaded to the Amazon Prime store…so woooo hoooooooo. I think we’re going to make a part 2 to the film…a sequel….we shall see probably shooting sometime in the fall of 2015……but for now….just a reminder to all to check out this quarky short film about three females who are fed up with men and start killing them.

Here’s a link:

Trois Like It Hot on

Southside Security Patrol: Short Film

Ashley Romero as the HQIC, Southside Security Patrol.

This gallery contains 6 photos.

So here it is yes, finally finished the film…..yayyyyy…the poster for the film can use some work, but sometimes simple is smart. Sometimes weird is different. Well here’s the basic premise of the film…..some security guards run into daily troubles … Continue reading

How to Start a Fashion Show

Here’s a great article on how to start a fashion show……you should check it out……Especailly if you have plans for a fashion show or were thinking about putting on a fashion show.

The Importance of Storytelling

This was a great mini video that I found online that dealt with the importance of storytelling. Sometimes I think its funny to break away from the traditional and avant garde methods of storytelling. Well enjoy.

Creativity Quotes

Creative Power and Creative Ability

Here are two websites that I found online that deal with these two topics, Creative Power and Creative Ability, Enjoy.