Trois Like it Hot…….on

So Trois Like It Hot finally uploaded to the Amazon Prime store…so woooo hoooooooo. I think we’re going to make a part 2 to the film…a sequel….we shall see probably shooting sometime in the fall of 2015……but for now….just a reminder to all to check out this quarky short film about three females who are fed up with men and start killing them.

Here’s a link:

Trois Like It Hot on

Southside Security Patrol: Short Film

Ashley Romero as the HQIC, Southside Security Patrol.

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So here it is yes, finally finished the film…..yayyyyy…the poster for the film can use some work, but sometimes simple is smart. Sometimes weird is different. Well here’s the basic premise of the film…..some security guards run into daily troubles … Continue reading

Creativity Quotes

Creative Power and Creative Ability

Here are two websites that I found online that deal with these two topics, Creative Power and Creative Ability, Enjoy.

The 6 Secrets of Self Control

Here’s a good article about Self-Control and how some people have more than others. It’s a really good read. I was like hey..I have so of those traits….Lol…..I’m sure some of you thought the same. Well here’s the link. Enjoy.