How to build a film set on a budget

Here’s a great video from no film school…that deals with building sets on your own…own time..own budget..and own location…enjoy. Many times and artists and producers we spend large amounts of cash to have a scene or look give a certain theme when that’s totally not needed…go check this one out………


Timing for Animation by John Halas, Harold Whitaker, and Tom Sito


Hello Animators, and to be, wanna be, or trying to be animators. Here’s a really good book that I open up from time to time regarding timing for animation. I still haven’t mastered this process yet..but I’m working on it. As all of us are works in progress…but for what its worth….give this book a read. It will help you become a better animator. So enjoy. Click the link timing for Animation to go to the book buy page. Timing for Animation


Dj BoBo- a dancing music sensation


So surfing the net and came across this guy called “DJ BoBo”, so he not only sings, he dj’s and acts, and dances, and does this magical performances, and he has  a crazy following and is tremendously successful. So here’s a link to the wikipedia page about him, I Believe its in german, so just use the translate feature by left clicking on the page or going to options on your browser and doing this. I knew what i wanted to do with this company is possible, he’s already done it, but in a different way, anything is possible, my friends, ANYTHING!


Dj Bobo wikipedia page:


Dj Bobo Video Everybody:


How to do the Charleston Dance 1920s

So I love the energy and music of the Roaring 20’s the music is so alive and FULL, I almost think maybe I lived during this period in another lifetime because this ear of time so speaks to me. So enjoy the tutorial on how to do some dances, a clip of people really going at it and some electro jazz which combines high energy swing music and electro bass and beats. That’s all. James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company out.



Creative Director You Are?

Just another post on what a Creative Director does and what not. Thought it was a very interesting article about the different skill sets required and what not, so enjoy. Being a creative director sounds like a very fun job.