More Better Locations for Set design by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

So looking for props for set design for the Short Film, “Trois Like it Hot”, so it should be fun. Man having on many hats is great feeling inspiried and alive and moving forward. This is awesome. So one I make the set design model in my head I’ll let you see it and know it. For now it is what it is. you can look up the title or basic plot by looking here. thanks.

Auditions for Trois Like it Hot and Office Cukkeltics-The Game by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

Audition Location for James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company

So the link above provides the location of auditions for upcoming Short films that I finally completed and thought out the characters too. I hope there really successful. But one can only HOPe. I hope I find the right people. I hope the audience likes the story. I hope these make it to the festivals. I hope all goes well. In spite of all this hope life can be what it will. But that’s not gonna stop me from continuing to create and build the creative arts company. I also registered for an account on vimeo on demand. Whether we get one download or 150000 downloads creating films is what we do as well. So look for some pretty good short films coming soon, in the meantime bare with me as I build all of this one brick at a time, layer, by layer, like Will Smith said. Have a great day. James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company Out.