Powaharaとセクハラ Powahara and Sekuhara オフィスHumilation Office Cukkeltics “The Game”

So reading online about different cultures and how things work in different countries and started to read article about Power and Sexual Harrassment in Japan. It was pretty interesting. I was surprised by the fact that this is so prevalent in such a successful product environment. So I was reading and this appears to be a common practice. Read this article, http://en.rocketnews24.com/2014/04/23/power-harrassment-in-japans-police-force-blamed-for-officers-suicide/

I was trying to figure out who might like a movie like Office Cukkeltics Vimeo on demand. But then a bell went off. ring, Ring, Ring, maybe someone dealing with this type of environment on a regular basis. This seems to be very prevalent read this article. http://en.rocketnews24.com/2013/01/22/two-japanese-police-sergeants-arrested-for-kissing-female-officers-and-demanding-they-swap-clothes-police-were-immediately-on-the-scene/

Office Cukkeltics "The Game" Movie Poster produced by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company
Office Cukkeltics “The Game” Movie Poster produced by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company Ofisu Cukkeltics jēmuzukurieitibuāto& entāteimento-sha-sei no `ge ​​ ̄mu’ eiga posutā オフィスCukkelticsジェームズクリエイティブアート&エンターテイメント社製の「ゲ​​ーム」映画ポスター