#Sporty #McSideBurn #sports #broadcaster #puppet by #creativedirector Jamaal R. James for #Jcaaec

So i was playing around with puppet ideas and then this image popped up. Thanks Muse. So I drew it and then put together something resembling it. So Sporty McSideBurn go do your thing kidd. Be free and broadcast all you can.

childrens entertainment-jcaaec-sporty-McSideBurn
Sporty McSideBurn-puppet-jcaaec
jcaaec-Sporty McSideBurn-childrens show
Sporty McSideBurn-jcaaec-childrens puppet-art
james creative arts and entertainment company-Sporty McsideBurn
james creative arts and entertainment company-jcaaec-Sporty-McSideBurn-kidsshow

#Miradolphinus and the 2 #seals #magus and #pagus were #created today from one of the #muses for #jcaaec by vessel #illustrator Jamaal R. James

So once again your humble servant thanks whatever Muse showed up and imparted this knowledge to me or vision to me. Be free Miradolphinus and the 2 seals magus and pagus. We love you go forth and multiply and stay dry.  I released them then Miradolphinus stated she was reporting for duty with the 2 seals. I guess. Well your first assignment is to create a fun environment and protect your friends and family then have fun and make connections. We love you and go where you belong.

Miradolphinus-Creative arts company-jcaaec
Miradolphnius and 2 Seals Magus and Pagus by illustrator Jamaal R. James for James Creative arts And Entertainment Company-jcaaec