Lil #RicoFlex’s #Dad Carlos is going for a ride on his horse in Countryside for #jcaaec

Carlos Flex (RicoFlex’s Dad) is riding his horse (Cabello) in the Fontana Hills and Bloomington Mountains. He is thinking about taking up rock climbing as the Fontana Hills and Bloomington Mountains have some also rock climbing surfaces. Carlos likes to ride his horse and relax and enjoy the countryside. Carlos Flex is thinking about when he had Anatasia’s hair done into braids people were contacting his business and asking for braids to be done for the business. Carlos Flex thought to himself that’s odd because we don’t offer braids as a service. GOD, Universe, Muses, Thank U. Stay up.

Rico-Flex-pop's-riding-his horse-jcaaec

Little #RicoFlex and his friends just finished painting a house for #jcaaec

RicoFlex and his friends are looking at the house that they just painted. It took them a while but they got it done. From left to right is Amarilla, Octavio, and Joe Joe. The back stories will come later but for now. I’ll just focus on RicoFlex’s story. Okay, that’s it for now. RicoFlex is in the winning lane and focusing on the finish line. GOD, Universe, Muses, thank you. Peace. Stay Happy, Healthy, Hungry, Helpful, Healing, and Hopeful.






Lil #RicoFlex’s #Familia is #aqui (here) and lives in #Bloomington for #jcaaec

Meet Lil Rico Flex’s Familia, His Dad’s name is Carlos Flex, he owns several ranches in  Salinas, Oxnard, and San Jose, California he sold some and brought him some land in Bloomington and Fontana and built 2 ranches.  The family often visits family up North plus the beauty and landscape and peace of mind that the open space brings. It’s Rico’s job to manage one of the apartment buildings on some of the land.  Rico’s Mom’s  name is Camilla-Maria Flex she lived in West Covina, California and met Carlos at a Quinceañera. Rico Flex’s sister Anatasia is always telling on Rico when ever he does anything. So they are constantly fighting. Rico’s babysister’s name is Miriam Flex and she is always escaping from the playpen and running around the house. Rico is happy because Carlos brought him a mini drone( that Rico tricked out) that he flys everywhere. Okay, so now the interior of the house and his grandma, and some of his friends.  GOD, Universe, Muses, thank U. Stay Happy, Healthy, Hungry, and Healing. ***ON another note don’t ever let anybody silence your inner child do what you feel or want to draw. When the criticism comes just know it’s a part of the process. Peace.




#Queen #Scrasses is #creating again for #jcaaec

Queen Scrasses is running around in circles again. We love U little Scrasses. Scrasses Scrasses you like like a monkey, Scrasses, Scrasses you look like a Bummy, Scrasses, Scrasses you can’t fly, Scrasses, Scrasses why do U lie.

Scrasses reply, Stop Hating, and Do more Congratulating.


#Alphamagmnus is mad at #GufusDaBuffus for #drawing for #jcaaec

AlphaMagmnumus woke up and enter the prince court and got mad at his brother Guffus Da Buffus for drawing. But Ladyhair fight has his back. This is a running premise that I have had in my head about how to make Guffus Da Bufus story more interesting. So him and his brother go back and forth because Alphamagmnus doesn’t think Gufus Da Bufus should be apart of the Royal Family becuase he’s always drawing pictures and get’s bad (well you know the term). So Alphamagnmus stays mad at Gufus Da Bufus. But the ladies love Gufus Da Bufus even though he can’t fight, and he stays drawing in his world but he takes care of the woman or women (when he chooses) in his life. Gufus Da Bufus saved up his money from cleaning the royal court every week and brought him a small taco/food cart. We will see how this business of his goes. Until then, stay up, give LOVE if U can. Stay Healthy, Happy, Humble, Hungry, and Happy. Peace.




Lil #RicoFlex’s Uncle Rogelio Verdin for #jcaaec

So Lil Rico Flex’s Uncle Rogelio Verdin is Flexing in his new GMC truck. Enjoy the new year and please Celebrate wisely. Give thanks for the many blessings you’ve received and will give. Peace. GOD, Universe, Muses, thank U. Goooooooooooooo Tomateros! Once again, Gracias, Gracias, Gracias, Jefe y Jefa. Sabes por que.


#RicoFlex sister #Ricitta Felicano and her new whip for #jcaaec

So I didn’t have enough time to draw his parents (RicoFlex) but I drawed his older sister and her whip is in the background it’s not perfect but it resembles a whip. I need to spend more time and practice drawing trucks and cars. In time in time….I will. So more characters to come soon. Like maybe tomorrow. Peace, GOD, Universe, Muses, thank U.


#RicoFlex got a new babysitter named Veronica Bravo for #jcaaec

So I was thinking about the Rico Flex kids show and what not. Then I said it would be cool for him to have a hot babysitter (who’s 19). RicoFlex is much more eager to learn. Okay so now I need to make his parents, give him some friends, and not friends, and a school, background story, and then see where it goes. I’ll try one episode soon. The backgrounds might not be that hot but its better than nothing. Once again, GOD, Universe, Muses, Thank You.



#Rico #Flex #Be #Coming #Up for #jcaaec

Rico Flex be Coming Up is a concept animation film about a dude from Bloomington who a lot of people hated on but he came up anyway. So his name is Rico Flex be coming up. It might take 2 years to make this or maybe a couple of months. But I’ll get around to it. Well I can’t do it all myself I have to hire a team of animators and voice artists. We shall see. GOD willing but in the meantime between time that Fool Be Coming Up. #RicoFlex on Em. #Tomateros #Rialto #Bloomington #Colton #Fontana #Dino #LongBeach #OrangeCounty #LosAngeles #SanDiego #Oxnard #SanFrancisco