#Professor #Parismon the rejector of #Pierre from the #Creativearts #School of #creative Artistians in the Art of Creative

This is Professor Parismon. He is a reminder to all creatives and artits not to let gatekeepers of creative or haters stop you from doing your work. Keep creating and sharing your creative children with the world. The world needs your creative ideas. That’s it. As for Professor Parismon he will never change so don’t try. Just keep on creating. That’s it.

Technology and Art “IngenuityFest”

So roaming online looking at the concepts of Technology and Art and came across this event held in Cleveland, Ohio called, “IngenuityFest”. It is a  pretty cool event, many of the artists at the event combine technology and art to form creations and displays, don’t take my word for it. Read all about it.


Animatronics Dancing Doll

As you all know in the process of building out the designs in my head to one day have at a theme or amusement park. But in the mean time in between time I like to look at animatronics and get ideas and what not. Also found this video out of japan.

And last but not least a video of a robot Restaurant in Japan. Aspire to create shows like this. this would be so fun to pull off. Man. It would be so fun. In time everything as they say right. LOL. You can really feel the energy and vibe of the place as well.

Despacio by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

So, while watching the latest version of A super Hollywood film this term kept repeating in my head. Despacio, despacio, Despacio. I am semi fluent in Spanish but don’t practice near as much as I should. I looked up the term and it means slowly. I said to myself wow, so my subconscious is speaking to me in Spanish. Very interesting. But I think it applies to the building of the company that going on. Before in the past if I was learning how to fish and I was using a small fishpole I would happy if I caught a guppy. But in todays hyper competitive hyper connected world, we see that some people have boats the size of houses and nets miles long able to catch hundreds of thousands of fish. The younger me would give up fishing. But the older me says, where did you start from? Before you didn’t know how to fish. Now you can fish. Learn to fish and catch all the fish you can fish with your little fishing pole before buying a big boat and a giant net to harvest all the fish that you wouldn’t know the first thing to do with. So I guess its a metaphor/Freudian slip/subconscious speak. As I build one brick at a time. One party. One performance. One art. One draw. One write. One color. One think. One design. One story. At a time. James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company is in its Despacio stage. Until next time, and if there’s not a next time this moment. Maybe this should be the title of another short film. Will see.