#JeroJump #HeroOne by #illustrator Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

Theysaid he was a zero, then was a hero, then he was a Nero, then he was a Fierro, then he was a Berro, then he was a mero, then he was a baller, then he was a dunker, then he was a monker, then he was a done, no bars today, maybe tomorrow, yes, yes, yes, yes,yes, yes, making America great in my own little small lane making change. Lol. Well that’s it today, God, Universe, Muses, thank you. Sometimes the Beauty in the world is too overwhelming. not talented enough to show it but trying to get there, will I ever make it (creating the beauty that I see and remixing it or pops into my head) who knows byt the joy is in the challenge of trying. Thanks to those that came before we so I can wear clothes, eat food, drive on steady roads, stable lights, stable laws, stable rihgts and stable life. Oh goash bars. Lol. No but those that came before me thank you. Humble learning servant JJ. By the way JeroJump Herone go create your ball Universe and make the art and create the ones. Peace.


jerojumpherone-jcaaec-America123-PlayBall-Basketball Hero.

#BroBroBrown #Around the Court working on dunks by #illustrator Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

Bro Bro Brown gots his faded hair cut looking fresh and dunks on the best. We love you BroBroBrown go ahead and make your world and create your pearls. That’s it. God, Universe, Muses, thanks for the continued stream of ideas. Sometimes so many I can’t write them all down. Here we go: BroBroBrown was on the court and then started to dunk and then they tried to block his shot as the clock was ticking but he wasn’t tripping, just stay focused on the court, and won the game with a free throw. BroBroBrown how talented you are now when I see you in the new car I know it was hard work that got you there so I’ll see you in the stairs on the way up, But don’t forget to enjoy the journey and stay in the turnkey place and don’t be replaced. Just pick up the slack and dunk on those jacks. Peace. BroBroBrown all around the court doing God’s work. Cre8. Crea8. Cr8. Creat8. Kr8. Krea8. Bars. Oh my goodness. Amazing. RIP Uncles, thanks for teaching us to push ourselves. Love you, Only man I know that was a doctor and an attorney at the SAME DAMN Time. Some of us can do it big. Thanks for showing us how it was done. PEace. See yah on the otherside. But for now lead us guide us and inspire us from the otherside. Thank You. Humble learning servant, JJ.





#LarryBird #Fanart by #illustrator Jamaal R. James for #Jcaaec

This was my contribution to the Irish greatness Larry Bird. That’s it. As a kid I always remember him playing against the Detroit Pistons and the Lakers with Magic Johnson. That’s it. Enjoy your weekend and ballup!



#20 #Faces of #Balley0Baller by #illustrator Jamaal R. James for JCAAEC

This time we have balleyoballer. He’s bouncing around off the court and onto the floor and up and down and all around. Balleyoballer stay ready all day everyday and make sure to take time to play.

~illustrator Jamaal R. James

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JCAAEC Basketball Workout by cartoonist Jamaal R. James for JCAAEC.

The #Mystic #Baller #Film by #CreativeDirector Jamaal R. James

Ballers of the world don’t hate. Just show up to the court and ball. This is a little learning curve for a film about a Mystic Baller that is…well if I tell you the story then why would you watch the film…it’s on the way…..drive the lane…..still learning but shots are getting better…..