Belief Quotes by Leroy Hood

Meet the Cast of Southside Security Patrol produced by James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company

Here’s a picnet of the cast from Southside Security Patrol where we are just hanging out and taking a picture. I’m currently editing the short film/trailer/pilot. So this should be fun. Wish us best of luck until next time. James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company out.

Southside Security Patrol cast created by Jamaal R. James for James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company.
Southside Security Patrol cast created by Jamaal R. James for James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company.

Daily Life Motivation


So here we go again. I found this video online I thought it was really good in regards to change and handling difficulty, and passion. Many times when trying to do something or figure a plan of action out we take the well traveled path. But this isn’t always the way, sometimes you have to forge your own path. So enjoy.


Dream Quotes

What do we know as Truth?

This is a post from rsd motivation. It talks about truth and how we see the truth and what we believe about the truth. A lot of people don’t achieve and accomplish goals because there waiting for someone to give them permission as to what’s okay and what’s not okay for them. So unless you set your own beliefs and definitions, you could end up any where. It’s a really good inspiring video. Enjoy, James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company out.

Power of Persistence: The Chinese Bamboo Tree

chinese bamboo tree
chinese bamboo tree

So started off the morning listening to Les Brown and other motivational speakers like I normally do. Heard Les Brown talk about the Chinese Bamboo tree and how it takes 5 years of watering before he grows out of the ground. 5 years? Yes 5 years. Crazy, how dumb you look watering a ground with nothing or nobody there. But that also shows the power and persistence of patience and how you can achieve and do anything. When people doubt you, or you doubt yourself in spite of remember the chinese bamboo tree who takes five years to sprout. I guess this also says alot about our culture in general if that tree was sold at tree shops and that was one of the exclusive products the shop would probably be out of business pretty fast. So once again remember the chinese bamboo tree when you feel like giving up or giving in.