#RubyBridges #ThankU from #jcaaec

So today I was thinking about the young girl who helped end segregation in the Deep South in the 60’s. Thank you Ruby Bridges for having the courage to break barriers and thank you U.S. Marshals for protecting her while she made this journey. The drawing isn’t the best. I needed more time to draw. I know no excuses. But at least something was drawn. RicoFlex will be next and then I will do some random character creation. In case nothing gets done, Good luck to Mikey Garcia this upcoming fight weekend. GOD, Universe, Muses, thanks. I almost forgot, Gracias La Reina.



#WillieTRibbs #1st African-American #Indy500 race car driver for #jcaaec

I was show these show on Netflix called “Uppity” about the 1st African American Indy 500 race car driver. It was pretty good. You wanna talk about racism and ovr coming obstacles. This dude had an unreasonable amount of reasons to quit. But he never did. he kept going. So during Black history month I wanted to salute Willie T. Ribbs. Thank You Sir for having the courage to go after your dream knowing the obstacles that were in front of you. GOD, Universe, Muses, peace. LilRico Flex I got you, I just need to show some Love all overall again. I was watching a video and Chuck Jones drawed 1700 times a day. Now that’s a lot but it would explain how he could imagine something and then just draw it. I don’t know about 1700 but I can do 100 or 200, or maybe 500. Lol. Peace.