#KnightsTemplar #Return #yaaayy by #CreativeDirector Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

So I’m still not operating any where near what I’m capable of. Had a talk with my friend Mr. Templar. He told me to get off my ass and go create the creative arts company. Serve the people, serve the public, and make it happen. Win, Lose, or draw, go create Kidd. So expect to see one video a week from the creative arts company, more dance videos, and photography, and nature, plus beauty in various forms, and let’s see where this takes us. Love yah all. Thanks Templar for the heads up. Thank You Universe for the continued blessings and thanks Muses for the creative inspiration. Love yah back. Peace.


Knights Templar-jcaaec-creative arts company
Knights Templar-jcaaec-creative arts company

One last thing. Thank you for allowing me to be born into this great country. May others realize this in their own time. Thanks for the men and women who Daily protect this republic from nonsense (in whatever form). May the force be with you. Love you all. Peace.

#Miradolphinus and the 2 #seals #magus and #pagus were #created today from one of the #muses for #jcaaec by vessel #illustrator Jamaal R. James

So once again your humble servant thanks whatever Muse showed up and imparted this knowledge to me or vision to me. Be free Miradolphinus and the 2 seals magus and pagus. We love you go forth and multiply and stay dry.  I released them then Miradolphinus stated she was reporting for duty with the 2 seals. I guess. Well your first assignment is to create a fun environment and protect your friends and family then have fun and make connections. We love you and go where you belong.

Miradolphinus-Creative arts company-jcaaec
Miradolphnius and 2 Seals Magus and Pagus by illustrator Jamaal R. James for James Creative arts And Entertainment Company-jcaaec