#JCAAEC presents #Puppet #Officer LawaDraw Banks his ready to get to into shape and #teach you some discipline by #CreativeDirector Jamaal R. James

Strike a Pose, or no pose at all. Our little buddy is working his behind off.  Officer Lawadraw is entertaining and having the kids and adults laugh. Stay humble and thanks for the success. Hard work and paying the cost is all he knows. Maybe one day he can do a show. Goodday mi friend!

creative arts company-jcaaec-officer Lawadraw-puppet show
jcaaec-creative arts company-childrens show
childrens show-cop-puppet-james creative arts and entertainment company
jcaaec-james creative arts and entertainment company-childrens show-cop puppet



Childrens puppet-Officer-Lawadraw Banks-james creative arts and entertainment company-jcaaec
Childrens puppet-Officer-Lawadraw Banks-james creative arts and entertainment company-jcaaec

#Arcgormonganon #Characterdesign by #Creativedirector Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

So was just doodling and scribbling and then the line started to merge and then felt the urge to splurge a little in the middle and this little gem showed up….go forth Arcgormonganon and be free, be free, my son. Lol. That’s it. this costume is pretty easy to make just need a compelling story…yayyy..see yah in a film coming soon at noon or maybe at 2 on channel you!

James creative arts and entertainment company-Arcgormonganon-geniusmonk

#Fangjang #Knightus is creating #characters and #swimming in his #fish bowl by #CreativeDirector Jamaal R. James

Fangjang Knightus is chilling on the side of the road. Not really he’s chilling in his fish bowl. Little fish bowl. Just chill Fangjang Knightus sometimes the brightest start is the darkest star, it’s not too far, but stay looking in the stars because fun is in the art.

Creative Director Jamaal R. James


james creative arts and entertainment company-jcaaec-fish in the water
FangJang Knightus-james creative arts and entertainment company-jcaaec