Learning From Non Traditional Sources of Art and Knowledge

So as we approach the mid way point of 2015 I said to myself, hmmmmmmm. What have I learned this year. How can I keep learning and expanding my mind to gain new concepts. Then the thought popped into my head to listen to music that I don’t normally listen too. Go places I don’t normally go and listen to things or opinions that differ from that of my own. By staying centered while doing all of this it has really helped change my awareness of the world we live in as well as whats possible for us to achieve. So if you are involved in the creative arts or just a regular person that doddles from time to time. Try listening to some different music, walk new ways to school wear your hair or clothes differently. But at the end of the day stay centered so that you remain true to yourself and you. Make it a wonderful day.

~Jamaal R. James