Creative Director Talk: Self Validation from Creative Director Jamaal R. James of James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company

Many times and very often in creative fields, our ideas, can and are seen by others as genius, irrational, irrelevant, unpopular, superpopular, accept, despised, loved, highly creative. Now the things is what if you made your creations based upon the approval of others or waited until the group could finally see the dynamic image you saw. can you iamge how disaterous films would be. Can you image Apple if Steve Jobs wasn’t adamant about the design and functionality of an American product.

On another note and some will get mad but by not taking the time to get better and improve on your product or idea, you leave people hanging. Hanging by a lot depending on how much they wanted to like or believe in your product or idea. Either way, don’t stop believing and make things happen in spite of circumstances. Love you all.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

Creating Quotes by David Icke

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see the real you, or what you have been conditioned to believe is you? The two are so, so different. One is an infinite consciousness capable of being and creating whatever it chooses, the other is an illusion imprisoned by its own perceived and programmed limitations.


New Magazine/Publication Accepting Submissions

Hello. Good Day All. I am writing this post and will post this message once a week. The company (James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company) is currently accepting submissions for a magazine. We are accepting submissions of art, drawings, comics, photography, and short stories (100 to 1000 words) and poetry. The current pay is $20.00 per accepted and published submission. The deadline for submissions is Dec 31, 2014. Please send submissions to thebookofcreativeideas at Yahoo dot com. Thank You. If that doesn’t work for you, you can mail the submissions to P.O. Box 6144, Moreno valley, Ca 92554. (PLEASE send copies of your work as they will not be returned) We are currently accepting non exclusive submissions. Depending on the volume it should take about a month to two months to learn of acceptance. Only accepted submissions will receive a response.

The categories are: Kids, Teens, and Adults. The genres are: Science fiction, Speculative Fiction, Justice, Horror, Mystery, Fantasy, Romance(Adult Category), and offbeat. Please tag the category and genre in the email subject line or at the top of the submission. Thanks again.  We are also accepting new word games and games that involve critical thinking skills, thanks again.

Comedy Writing for Screen Writers

This is a great article that I found online about Comedy writing. I always wondered how some of the actors were so funny. Then I realized that the writers have written a lot of the material that the actors and actresses deliver. So hence the new study of writing and learning how to make common things funny. Enjoy.

Great Men Quotes

How to Build a Water Wheel

So I’m looking up the specs for a water wheel because I think water wheels are cool. I came across this website and it has about a 1,000 resources that involve water wheels and wood wheels. I can sit there all day and watch the water wheel turn and turn and turn. So what does this have to do with Creative Arts? Everything. Water has historically been seen as a ancient sign of wealth and health. If you think about it you need water to drink, clean your clothes, water your grass, take a shower, and all those things lead to good health. So here you go. Here’s an article on feng shui and water. Plus the water wheel website. Enjoy.