#Lemron The #Conartist Vs. #DonutWorld 1.1 #Shortfilm #Videogame #concept directed by #filmdirector Jamaal R. James

In this mini video game series concept we see Lemron the Conartist on the prowl looking for his newest con. Only thing is he can’t find someone need to con. Oh well, while Lemron is looking for his new con Donut Man is dancing around in anticipation of Donut World 3 that’s coming to a online video game site soon. Enjoy.

Duddy The Digger, Donut World 1.1, new Comic Strips coming soon.

Good Morning, All. Well here we have one known..and one unknown. Duddy The Digger is a new comic strip created by Jamaal R. James for James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company. Duddy is a regular guy that likes to get down and dirty and dig. Donut World 1.1 Comic Strip is the comic strip about a Donutchoc who watched his friend get killed by Carrotman because he wouldn’t give him the secret donut recipe….and all the other misadventures while Carrotman and donutchoc duell it out. Enjoy.