Vincent Van Gogh Quotes on Discouragment

In spite of everything I shall rise again: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing.

Vincent Van Gogh


The Happy Hike “Short Film” Directed by Jamaal R. James for James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

The Happy Hike
The Happy Hike

The Happy Hike

Morning Folks. This is James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company coming at you one more time as we rise and grind. Here’s the next short film that we completed. It’s called, “The Happy Hike”, its about some strangers that happen to go camping near or on the same route and then encounter a weird, character who is as nice as he is mean if that makes any sense. Well check out the film here. Just Google “The Happy Hike” Short Film. Then it will take you there. Well thanks for tuning in. We will do some more films soon. This will definetly have to have a sequel. Thanks for watching.

Mary Rachel Gardner

The Happy Hike
The Happy Hike

Mary is AWesome! She was given very little direction but jumped into her roles and became the person we were looking for. Watch the film and tell if she didn’t bring her character to life. Does she live or does she die? No one knows. Watch the film and find out.

Mary Rachel Gardner’s bio:

Mary Rachel Gardner, nickname May Ray, was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Known for her sense of humor and genuine presence, since she was a child, Mary Rachel loved sharing stories and challenging perspectives with almost anyone. She is truly looking forward to this opportunity to compete on The Reel Deal. She choseLos Angeles as her affiliated town for the show because it is where she currently lives and sees herself breaking into the entertainment industry.

She has been studying at the USC School of Dramatic Arts and living in L.A. for the past5 years. She enjoys the Southern California sun and believes that she can truly make things happen here. Mary Rachel has been performing since she was six years old; constantly active with dance, musical theatre, and filmmaking. While at USC, she studied Acting, Business and Film Production and also spent a semester abroad in London at a Theatre Conservatory. She acted in numerous student films and had the pleasure of performing in Top Girls as Patient Griselda/Nell, and Trystan and Ysuelt as aLove-spotter. Mary Rachel wrote, produced, and acted in some of her own short films aswell. As theatre and acting are vital parts in her life, she is also passionate about the “behind the scenes” aspects of entertainment. Mary Rachel worked at several production companies, such as Steve Carell’s Carousel Productions, and agencies suchas William Morris Endeavor. She even had the incredible opportunity to work at the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she learned about the production and operation elements of running a live television show.

All of these amazing experiences have further fueled her passion for entertainment; which is why Mary Rachel is pursuing her acting career. Since graduating last May, she has starred in an independent short film, Z-Movie, performed as the lead in several plays in the L.A. area, and has written and starred in several short films of her own. Sheis eager and ready to contribute her talents and collaborate professionally with others in the entertainment industry. She truly feels at home when entertaining others, whether she is on the stage, in front of or behind the camera. These past few years have reassured her that she has found her niche and is truly looking forward to the new adventures ahead. For some inspiration; You, actor, must master the art of observation…for what matters is not how you look but what you have seen and can show us…Your task, actors, is to be explorers and teachers of the art of dealing with people. Knowing their nature and demonstrating it, you teach them to deal with themselves. You teach them the great art of living together — (Bertold Brecht).

Thanks again Mary.

Tiffany Kieu

The Happy Hike
The Happy Hike

Tiffany was a wonderful pleasure to work with as well. She had to leave early as why the ending doesn’t show her doing a cameo. but was great to work with. Tiffany at one point was so into character that her hair got stuck on a plant as she was being attacked by the Killer in the short film. Thanks again Tiffany.

Tiffany Kieu’s bio:

Tiffany Kieu is a 24 year old Vietnamese American originally from Irvine, Ca. She self-prescribed Drama class in 7th grade to overcome her fear of public speaking, and not only that, but also discovered her passion for acting. This passion sat latent in the following years as she turned her focus to getting her bachelor’s in Biology from UC Irvine. Upon graduating in 2011, Tiffany reconnected with her love for acting and fully committed to pursuing her dreams. She packed up and moved to Silverlake, emerging herself in all that LA and acting the world had to offer. She began studying the craft with Eric Morris (from whom she continues to learn) Scott Sedita, Jack Stehlin and Alfred Molina, while actively auditioning and filming as often as possible. Her latest achievement was playing the lead role in the indie psychological horror film, “The Purgation”. When she isn’t acting, Tiffany explores modeling and helps behind the camera as a production team member.

Brock Kruckemeyer

The Happy Hike
The Happy Hike

Brock is very aggressive, but can be given direction as well. He acts talks and walks with authority. He is very self confident and driven. Brock played a great deranged character. He was given little direction once again and ran with it. Brock had me so convinced that sometimes I didn’t know if he was Brock or the killer. Lol. Well that’s about it. Thanks for watching and more films with Brock are coming soon. Brock’s bio will be posted shortly, just be patient. Thank You.

Dontez Sharpley

You may remember Dontez Sharpley, from “Silly Sharkeisha Gets Lost In The Valley of Hope”, yes he was Mr. Yummy Eater Man. But this time Dontez played Sasha. No worries, working with Dontez was fun as always and he really plays his roles well. When was the last time you saw a horror film with a drag queen looking for a place to do a film shoot, huh, huh, well you get it. Thanks again and more roles from Dontez will be in the future.

The Happy Hike
The Happy Hike

A.J. Spearman

A.J. Spearman played Dontez’s assistant/photographer. He did a good job of supporting Dontez and it was alot of fun making the film. These two are hilarious together. Thanks again A.J. A.J will be on the big screen soon, or one of his productions will be. Remember A.J. Stay Humble and Stay Hungry.

The Happy Hike
The Happy Hike

Here is the link to the imdb page for the film.

Learning Animatronics One step at a time



So looking for courses online and came across this website for Animatronics that has some pretty interesting facts and ideas for hold to build animatronics and the likes of it all. The videos are relatively inexpensive in relation to the amount of information and experience that your being provided with. Well enjoy your life, Love it, Live it, Have a Great Day.



Will Smith on F…

Will Smith on Fear

“Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. Do not misunderstand me danger is very real but fear is a choice.”

― Will Smith

More Better Locations for Set design by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

So looking for props for set design for the Short Film, “Trois Like it Hot”, so it should be fun. Man having on many hats is great feeling inspiried and alive and moving forward. This is awesome. So one I make the set design model in my head I’ll let you see it and know it. For now it is what it is. you can look up the title or basic plot by looking here. thanks.