#Screamy #Scary #Dreamy film image by #filmdirector Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

Screamy Scary Dreamy is another project in the works at James creative arts And Entertainment Company. Thanks for being patient with out progress. Your movie will be available soon. Thank you.

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Love What You Do

This is an amazing video with Les Brown as the narrator. It really got me going I played it like 20 times. So check it out. The music goes hand in hand with how I feel and the feelings that need to be dealt with on this journey that we call life. Enjoy.

How to Start a Fashion Show

Here’s a great article on how to start a fashion show……you should check it out……Especailly if you have plans for a fashion show or were thinking about putting on a fashion show.


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Things that Successful People Do

This is a really great article about successful people and the things they do to succeed and how they handle situations in life differently from the non successful. Enjoy. http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/237201 Click the link.

Daily Life Motivation


So here we go again. I found this video online I thought it was really good in regards to change and handling difficulty, and passion. Many times when trying to do something or figure a plan of action out we take the well traveled path. But this isn’t always the way, sometimes you have to forge your own path. So enjoy.


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Imagination Quotes

Authors are far closer to the truths enfolded in mystery than ordinary people, because of that very audacity of imagination which irritates their plodding critics. As only those who dare to make mistakes succeed greatly, only those who shake free the wings of their imagination brush, once in a way, the secrets of the great pale world. If such writers go wrong, it is not for the mere brains to tell them so”
Gertrude Atherton, The Bell In The Fog & Other Stories