Entertainment Quotes by Alan Keyes

Entertainment Quotes by Michael Jordan

Trois Like it Hot produced by James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company.

Trois Like It Hot was directed by Jamaal R. James for James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company. So Trois Like It Hot, finally was processed by Amazon and is now Available. Oh by the way it has an NC-17 rating, so no kids can view it. But adult and young adults enjoy the film.


Dj BoBo- a dancing music sensation


So surfing the net and came across this guy called “DJ BoBo”, so he not only sings, he dj’s and acts, and dances, and does this magical performances, and he has  a crazy following and is tremendously successful. So here’s a link to the wikipedia page about him, I Believe its in german, so just use the translate feature by left clicking on the page or going to options on your browser and doing this. I knew what i wanted to do with this company is possible, he’s already done it, but in a different way, anything is possible, my friends, ANYTHING!


Dj Bobo wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DJ_BoBo


Dj Bobo Video Everybody: http://youtu.be/tsoH7HI8YII