That was her #Baby she was so proud that #Baby had the potential to wow the whole crowd for #jcaaec

Many times we have good ideas and sometimes they get stomped on by others who take matters into their own hands. But creation and being creative is a gift. Have faith in your ideas and nurture, protect, discipline and praise them until they grow into fully functional adults. Teace. GOD, Universe, Muses, thank you.


Love What You Do

This is an amazing video with Les Brown as the narrator. It really got me going I played it like 20 times. So check it out. The music goes hand in hand with how I feel and the feelings that need to be dealt with on this journey that we call life. Enjoy.


Here’s a great post from just something. com about creative people. I was like hey, that sounds really good. Really good. So check the numbers or traits and many of you will find out you belong on the list. The funniest part was inspiration comes at the most unexpected time, this one is so true, I could be walking and bam, an idea, on the toilet, writing, driving, running, feeling sad, happy, frustrated, ideas, keep coming, pretty cool. Well check it out, and enjoy.

What is a hero?

a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
According to google that is the definition of a hero. I think a hero can be anyone, anything, any event can be a hero. I think a hero is anyone who overcomes adversity to achieve the goal they have in their mind. Enjoy. We all have heros in our lives……I hope we are giving them the recognition and praise they deserve. That’s all folks. A hero can be anything, anyone.

Motivational Video on Fear

Enjoy this short film about success, and fear, and the things that hold us back and slow us down. Well I hope this inspires someone, as much as it has inspired me. Thanks to all involved in the creation of this video. Goodnight for now. James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company out.

Secrets of the Creative Mind by Nancy Andreasen

This is a very good article about the inner workings of the Creative Mind of human beings. It tells lots of stories. It looks like its a special one hour special that’s going to be on PBS news. So, dont be a shyah, check it out.

Click here for article

What do we know as Truth?

This is a post from rsd motivation. It talks about truth and how we see the truth and what we believe about the truth. A lot of people don’t achieve and accomplish goals because there waiting for someone to give them permission as to what’s okay and what’s not okay for them. So unless you set your own beliefs and definitions, you could end up any where. It’s a really good inspiring video. Enjoy, James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company out.

One Balloon Teddy Bear by Balloon Animals

So online researching like I do and did. LOL. Came across this video about making one balloon animal bears. So sit back relax and enjoy. This looks easy but it actually takes hours and hours of practice to make sense or show the results that you want.