Carlos took the #Familia to #SBVC to see the #Observatory and look at the stars

Carlos had to fly to check on one of his farms up North and then decided to take the familia to the Observatory at San Bernardino Valley College. Carlos try to give the kids a well rounded view of life, the good, the bad, the weird, the different, so the kids can have a better understand of life. The drawing is okay. No it’s not good because I was drawing in two different planes. But I’m going to keep working on it. For now this is what I produced. Stay up. Gracias Familia. GOD, Universe, Muses, Thank U. Peace.


#LilRicoFlex and #LilRicoFlex are taking #Familia pictures for #Easter for #jcaaec

LilRicoFlex and LilRicaFlex are taking family pictures for Easter. To bad it’s raining outside but not inside. LOL. Thank You. Lil RicaFlex is working on a new clothing line and Lil RicoFlex is trying to figure out the turbo problem still. I guess one day they’ll figure it out. But for now they keeps guessing. Lil RicoFlex and Lil RicoFlex, Carlos, his wife, and the baby on behalf of the future employees of jcaaec we LOVE U. Thanks for helping jcaaec come to life.  GOD, Universe, Muses, thank U>



Carlos is leading #LilRicoFlex and #LilRicaFlex in #bikeraces for #jcaaec

Carlos decided to motivate LilRicaFlex and LilRicoFlex by having them race one another on bikes. He teaches both of them to step up to the plate and join the race whether you win or lose. He reminded them that all the people you see winning in life weren’t always winning. But they kept showing up and they got better at their chosen craft and kept going. LilRicaFlex you don’t be scared to try and go after what you want in life, Baby. LilRicoFlex you better not be chilling on the sideline when it comes to getting what you want in life. LilRicoFlex okay Dad, LilRicaFlex replies Okay, Daddy. Then CArlos raises his checkered flag and says, “Listo, Vamos!”




RIP #Brother #firstresponders #ThankYou

So saw this story and had to do something. This police officer on the eastcoast near Boston was gunned down and executed by a suspect. He was just trying to do the right thing. Thank You for your sacrifice. On behalf of the countless citizens that you gave directions too, or the woman you saved from domestic abuse situations, or the people you helped after there car got broken into, or the times you almost had to use deadly force but didn’t, and all the times you came across horrendous traffic collisions and kept your composure and made sure everyone at scene was safe. Thank you. Thank You. thank You. To this family may you be eternally blessed for your father’s sacrifice. My condolences to the families and co-workers.  Rest in peace Officer Michael Chesna and the woman who lost her life (Vera Adams) due to stray bullets from a violent fleeing felon.